Thursday 28 February 2008

Deirdre leaves a voicemail

This wee tale started out as he said, she said.

However, as the events unfolded during the week, Division 5 candidate Richie Bates, has indentified what really happened.

On Tuesday evening, not too long after 7pm, Councillor Deirdre Ford was witnessed removing Bates' Cairns 1st election sign on the corner of Grove and Lake streets. She then hid it in some neighbouring bushes, and replaced it with one of her own signs, in the same position.

Bates has described event by Councillor Ford as a criminal act, and has already had discussions with the police about the tampering with election signs.

The Cairns 1st candidate was astounded when it was reported to him by a Cairns Base Hospital nurse who witnessed the event on Tuesday evening, whilst on the way home from work.

"Losing signs during an election campaign seems to be par for the course lately, but for Councillor Ford to be involved in this, is absolutely disgraceful."

"It seems that the arrogance of the Unity team knows no bounds and they are prepared to break the law just get their own way." The Earlville nurse, who witnessed the malicious activity, is happy to come forward and confirm events she saw on Tuesday evening.

Bates has contacted Councillor Ford regarding the incident; however she has denied any involvement.

Bates today has released a voice mail message, exclusively to CairnsBlog in which the Councillor appears confused and agitated in recollecting the events.
"There's some controversy about me removing your signs or something. I think we're all a bit testy at the moment," Ford says in her voice mail message.

"I looked up my diary and I was nowhere near your sign at the time," says Mrs Ford.

Ford goes on to say in her long-winded and rambling message, that a couple of people have raised with her about signs "in Marytn Street, or a bit further down, that signs are on the wrong side of the road... we're just trying to get them on the right side of the road."

The tone of her telephone message appeared stressed as she attempted to defend that she was not involved in the alleged incident.

Councillor Ford said she was the Cairns Darts Club at the time of the incident, as her alibi for the evening. Sources who spoke to CairnsBlog last evening, confirmed she was at the Macnamara Street, Manoora facility for "around 5 minutes", not the entire evening.The Cairns Base Hospital nurse identified Councillor Ford from her community profile and election posters. She was also able to identify her vehicle.

I wonder what Mr & Mrs Stringbag would have to say Deirdre?

LISTEN TO THE AUDIO: Councillor Ford.mp3


Anonymous said...

Ford either removed the sign or she did not. I hope someone inthe media asks her straight because she is syaing it was not her. What if the Police asked her directly> She would have to answer truthfully then, but will any of this questioning actually occur. I bet one could not get a one word Yes or No about this from Ford. If she is not telling the truth she has hung herself a few times already in denying the claim.

Anonymous said...

Methinks thou dost protest too much Deidre. You sound like Alexander Downer did when he was caught out having lunch when he was supposed to be in parliament! Guilty.

Anonymous said...

So Dierdre has been allegedly spotted removing one Richie Bates sign, hiding it in some bushes and replacing it with her own.

She has heard about this accusation and rang Richie to set the record straight.

The first thing she says to defend herself is 'I checked my diary and I was nowhere near your sign at that time'.

Now....if you were innocent, why would you need to check your diary to see if you were near his sign?

Its like putting a theif on trial in court, accusing them of car theft..

Prosecutor: "You were witnessed stealing this car. Well, was it you?"

Accused thief: "I wasn't sure if it was me, so I checked my diary. Diary says it wasn't me, so no, it musn't have been me"

So either Dierdre has gone a bit batty, and has to check her diary whether she was doing something illegal, or she is making a pathetic attempt at trying to make herself look innocent.

This is shocking behaviour from anyone, let alone a sitting councillor. This should be promoted greatly, as anyone who acts like this in an election campaign is not the kind of person that deserves to hold office.

Anonymous said...

Alas, I could not hear the dulcet, mellifluous tones of the fair Deidre. My PC mustn't have the right software. I am....bereft!

Anonymous said...

A diary entry will, and has cleared her, far more than a simple, "I didn't do it", Craptain Cairns.

Sounds like you have made your mind up though, "This is shocking behaviour from anyone, let alone a sitting councillor."

Cr Ford loves her division and has done far more than any other councillor to enhance the beauty of these older suburbs.

Anyway who ever did this dastardly deed, did us all a favour, she's better looking than that Val dreamer, Master Bates.

Anonymous said...

Having to check her diary so soon after the reported event indicated to me that she is guilty and or alternatively is not fit to hold office because of advanced amnesia.

Brazen Deidre does have a track record. We all remember during the last election in 2004 when she organised to have council repair her driveway which afterall was her responsibility.

Come on Deidre you were caught rehanded, with your nickers well and truly down. How about coming clean and owning up to your folly. Lies will always find you out.

Unknown said...

DF got caught red handed, lied about it with a dodgy alibi, and then proceeded to tarnish the reputation of a CBH nurse who came forward with the truth. What a delightful piece of work is our Deirdre. And yes I did speak to the police, but do you really think I'm going to waste anymore time with this grubby excuse for a councilor?

Anonymous said...

C'mon Skinteller ... Council are responsible for the road surface between the kerb and the sealed carriageway, always have been.
Deirdrie's hubby got bogged in the mud, complained so the local area was made passable.
Eventually most streets in Diedrie's division have had the road shoulder's sealed through her excellent work.
Council would do the same for you or Lord F*ckwit if required.

Anonymous said...

Hey Factman.... even an apparatchik like you, needs to get his facts right and no amount of spin will legitimise the duplicit activities of one Cr Deirdre Ford.

The facts are that hubby got bogged between the kerb and her front fence and not as you say between the kerb and the roadside.The author was there and saw the frenzied activity first hand.

This area also belongs to Council but like we mow the grass on the footpath, this area is for all intents and purposes the responsibility of the abutting landowner in this case Cr Ford and hubby.

But Cr Ford abused her position and with her connection organised instantly the repair while if it would have occured to another ratepayer/resident lets say adjoining they would have had to wait and quite possibly told to repair it themselves....where is your civic pride...they would have been chastised.

Thats the issue factman....the abuse of power...the duplicity.

This state of affairs is a common trait amongst arrogant decaying administrations. If it was apparent then well imagine it now, another 4 years hence.

The Byrne administration is not immune from these dynamics.

Anonymous said...

Well factman it seems if ford is responsible for most streets being bitumen to the kerb then it appears she is once again part of a lie, a couple of weeks ago residents were outraged that their street was to be bitumened without them being asked so the majority could decide, apparently council said everyone was asked, so someone is lying and I am sure it isn't the residents. The only reason the streets in whitfield are being done is that the renovators of many houses are using their buddies in council to try and lift the prices.

Anonymous said...

Okay Scintilla, Factman has new information.

I have checked with the Manager Cairns Works and he states that the ganger in charge at the time was new, and was not completly aware just where Council's responsibilities lay with regard to this matter.

Where he used to work it was deemed a Council responsibility to do this type of work on the nature strip, as his previous Council had no debt burdens laid on it by a previous mismanaged council as this one has.

I don't believe Cr Ford's hubby realised this either.

Anonymous said...

And further more Scintilla, or should I say Paul Matthews.

I remember you dumping this nothing event on Deirdre only a couple of days out from polling.

Well, as you know from the results, Deirdrie in, Paul Matthews out.

Oh, and as you will be so busy running your 2 vetinary surgeries that you will fund a helper should you be elected, Factman asks ...

Why bother standing at all.

Same goes to Buttrose and all the other 2 job hypocrites standing under the Val Shier Labor banner.

Anonymous said...

Hey factman you are wrong again.

Scintilla is not Paul Matthews and never has been. You need to look closer to home base.

Remember the fish stink from the head!

Scintilla is engaged on this site to ensure that you factman, KB and his Disunity Team are kept honest and accountable, as difficult as its proving to be. But as i said in a previous post, your lies will find you out.

I must have you in a spin...pardon the pun, but it is all self inflicted my friend.

One who purports to be factual needs to have his facts correct. I am sure your Master Voice KB will be indignant with your carelessness thus far on this issues as well as others.

I laid the snare and you fell into it head first.

Scintilla was there in 2004 watching the roadworks taking place and was incredulous at the private work being done at Councils expense.

With factman admission in a previous post that the work was indeed irregular and in fact organised at the behest of Cr D Ford through her dutiful hubby the following questions need to be answered.

1. Has Cr D Ford reimbursed with interest, Council for the works done,

2. When will an appropiate apology be forthcoming,

3. When is the Council referring this illegal transgression to the Criminal Justice Commission for their own investigation.

Rest assured factman this matter will not rest here and has only just seen the light of day.

We are dealing with endemic corruption and the perputators need to be brought to account.

Your smugness and dismissive manner will not be endearing to you for much longer my friend.

Have a nice day factman!

Anonymous said...

factman, why don't you ask D Ford directly urself whether she removed the sign or not, look her in the eye when you ask her, ask for a simple Yes or No. When u have asked her please get back to us.
Why does not D Ford defend herself, y u doing it?

Anonymous said...

Lord Puke'n ...

Deidrie and the rest of the Unity Councillors don't read this site, never have, and never will.


Skin Matthews ... how dare you accuse the current councillors and their hard working staff of corruption.

That's utter crap.

Is that how Val's amatures are going to do business? Send a bill for work done as a result of an honest mistake by a Council worker?

Deirdre has built more footpaths for her constituents than any other Councillor in the last 10 years.

You must be a bitter and twisted person to be bringing up such trivia, Skin Matthews.

Never mind, go back to de-sexing whatever turns you on.

Anonymous said...

keep defending T-model...
the more you do, the more absurd and corrupt you look.
What a joy it is to witness your last days
I can just imagine KB handing out the cyanide capsules at Villa on M15
But I Pity a Cairns left with his legacy: False Cape, Portsmith dump, Concrete ghettos and a city with its soul ripped out.

Anonymous said...

factman, aka kbcumbreath wrote "Deidrie and the rest of the Unity Councillors don't read this site, never have, and never will".
This means the opposite is true because D Ford has already shown herself to be bare-faced liar. Gee factman, aka kbcumbreath, you don't realy believe wot Ford and other Unity crew tell you, if u do u must be a real f**king dikwad!

Anonymous said...

factman no amount of fillibuster will conceal the truth. As in most cases one cannot defend the indefensible.

Sadly your demeanor reminds me of a headless cook, floundering clumsily.

The issues on which Cr Deidrie Ford will be judged politically are beyond any sustainable defence.

Her veracity is in question on the following issues,

1. All evidence points to Cr Deidrie Ford caught red handed tampering with an election corflute. Her defence has been pathetic to say the least.

2. The authorisation of Council to carry out private works to her benefit. The actual illegal works have been confirmed by factman, but fends off the illegality by a usual political manoeuvre blame someone else.

Please do not insult the readers intelligence with your condoning of such transgressions.

You do the cause of open government and accountability no justice. As a public servant it behoves you to uphold the law and to report any violation to the relevant authorities.

Failure to do so is tantamount to aiding and abetting such transgression and is in itself a criminal offence.

Anonymous said...

OK Scintilla, you cold hearted basket.
Shall I report the work crew that recently provided some crusher dust to fill some uneven ground in the nature strip outside a residence in Digger Street recently.
They did this because the resident asked them to.

Oh shock horror !!!

I congratulated this crew when I discovered the resident was wheelchair bound and had difficulty getting from his gate to a waiting vehicle.

So I guess under the Schier/Matthews Council this work crew would be reported to the police ... geeezzz!!!

Anonymous said...

I am truly touched by your compassion factman..
The crusher dust overcoming the uneven ground, the considerate workers, the waiting vehicle for the wheelchair bound. It's local government meets Mills and Boon.
Oh the humanity!

Anonymous said...

Factman you really are a work of art....if you try to give this matter anymore spin it will take you into orbit.....assuming you are not there already!

You and the Disunity Team are like peas in a pod...all tared with the same brush.

You think you are being smart by your fillibuster and red herrings. What is sad though is that how you are trying to be dismissive of reality, is indicative of how you treat residents in general.

My case is not that you report the council work crew, who did the illegal work innocently for Cr Deidrie Ford to the Criminal Justice Commission....that is not the issue..unlike you and who you hold a brief for, the work crew are honest and are the salt of the earth.

My question still remain unanswered Mr Factman....when are you going to report Cr Deidrie Ford to the Criminal Justice Commission for knowingly ordering illegal private works to the exclusive monetary benifit of Deidrie and her hubby.

On behalf of honesty and integrity, why don't you bite the bullet and be a real hero?

No more fillibuster thank you.

Anonymous said...

Scintilla, as Monty Python once said ... this thread is getting too silly to continue.

Factman has real issues and challenges too deal with, not some insignificant nothing event that happened 4 years ago and upset the opposing candidate.

Move on Scintilla and be like your name, just a flash in time.

Anonymous said...

To Factman and other followers of CR Deirdre Ford fall from grace, please stay tuned.

New details of fraud and related allegations are emerging that need verification. Once confirmed details will be published on this post.

Anonymous said...

Saw Deirdre at pre poll yesterday.
Must be so frustrating for her - All those opposition corflutes to deface and remove with everyone watching. It's enough to make her....Testy?

Anonymous said...

Since when has anyone watching ever stopped her?
This Ford really is a T model.
T for tamper, or should that be theif?