Monday 18 February 2008

Janine toey after first campaign bite

"It had to happen sooner or later," said Division 9 Council Candidate Janine Aitken.

"There I was just spreading my word of a better local government, when this snappy dog barrelled me up and nearly took my foot off!" said Janine, who was recounting the events of weekend door-knocking.

Bandaged up and sporting a fresh tetanus injection, she was in good spirits, however is weary after her surprise attack.

"I know it goes with the territory, but give me a break, I'm new to all this!"

As Janine Aitken was entering a trinity Beach residential driveway when a dog, not much bigger than her own, plunged and took a large bite into her left big toe.

"It sure did hurt, I can tell you," said Janine. "Maybe I should have had Sno with me," said Janine. "I've meet a few who said they'd gladly bite his toe off!" she said jokingly.

"I'm a big dog lover, so it's not problem."
"However, I was really surprised that the dog's owner held little regard for his pooch's action, nor did he offer any help after I was bitten," says Janine.
Just last month Unity Team members gave a resounding "rough, rough" to the idea from Cairns 1st that pet owners should be provided with better management skills to embrace 'responsible pet ownership'.

"It's something that everyone should be aware of, as we share our community with neighbours who don't have animals and also native wildlife."
"I know that some domestic animals are not looked after properly," says Aitken.

"Most are very responsible, however there's some that don't even pick up after their pooch has done his or her 'business'," says Janine.

Dr Paul Matthews, who is campaigning in the neighbouring Division 8, runs Balaclava Vet in Mulgrave Road.

Matthews and Cairns 1st is endorsing a better pet management strategy for animal lovers owners in Cairns.

The carrying of pet litter bags is mandatory in Townsville, and electronic tagging is encouraged. These should be looked at for Cairns.

Meanwhile, Janine was last seen late yesterday afternoon door-knocking and introducing herself to the community she is hoping to represent.

"I had a Tetanus shot, but there's no rest for the wicked! I need to get out and meet everyone in the Division."

With just under four weeks to go, and 8,000 voters to meet, Aitken has her work cut out. "If this is the worst that I have to deal with, it will put me in good stead dealing with developers for the future!" say Janine.

Sno Bonneau will also contest Division 9 in the Cairns Regional Council election on March 15th.


Anonymous said...

Well, well, well.

I doorknocked the whole of Trinity Beach during the Federal Election, and never had a problem with a dog.

Guess dogs know their stuff, being that Cairns 1st is just a doggone nuisance.

What's her name? Schier Annoyance?

Anonymous said...

Hope Janine recovers well. Dog bites are not to be sneered at.

Anonymous said...

Tyson Sore Loser, I've seen what you look like. Not surprising the dogs were the ones that were scared.

Schier Annoyance??? Is this the best a journo can come up with?
No wonder you're selling prawns for a living....

Anonymous said...

Give you a foot and you'll and you'll take a mile! .. Mr Moore. And you too Ms Aitken .. Setting up a dog bite just so you could get you Cairns 1st corporate coloured tootsies pictured in close up on the internationally popular Cairns Blog!

A sympathy vote to help you get over the "youch" of the Tetanus shot is one thing, but going this far to obtain a landslide victory in Division 9, an area known for it's disproportionally high number of Foot Fetishists, is simply unfair.

Poor old Sno will not have a leg to stand on

({P.S If it still hurts I would be happy to come over and kiss it better)

Anonymous said...

Poor Darling,such lovely nail polish too!