Thursday 10 July 2008

Bugga off this Sunday

This Sunday, why not go for a bike ride, and a walk!

BUG (our local Bicycle Users Group) are off on their next social ride this Sunday at 9am. Meet at Brothers Club, Anderson Street, in the English St car park.

The ride will take in Cairns waterfront, along the boardwalk.

"How many people have actually done the boardwalk, and checked out the Tower and mangroves and crabs?" asks BUG organiser Lenore Evans.

"The tower needs to be repaired as it's unsafe, but it would be nice to be in use again for locals and tourists," she says.

I hear that the view over the mangroves and harbour is magnificent.

The youngest Councillor in the history of the world, Cr Kirsten Lesina, will join the ride. She is also chair of the Council focus group, which implements the Pedestrian and Cycle Strategy.

Cr Diane Forsyth will also join the group for a tour of North Cairns North. Following this, it is planned to do the boardwalk. Bring your mossie spray and some water! This will be a little different from just doing a ride.


Anonymous said...

Di on a bike........I'd like to see that!

Anonymous said...

*POLITE COUGH* yEAH, Di on a bike, heh heh heh