Wednesday 9 July 2008

Pamela's big boobies appearance

The goss is that Pamela Anderson was paid a cool $350K for her short walk-in appearance in the Big Brother house last night.

"Yeah, I'm getting paid huge, a lot, much more than I am worth. I don't want to say how much but it is a lot.'' Maybe Tom Hedley should get a sex change and some implants to rescue his falling empire?

Today, Pamela is off to the Gold Coast KFC fast food store (they call them restaurants, but come on, you can't fool me). She's been travelling the globe with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) for the last three years,

"I have a bone to pick with KFC over the treatment of chickens from factory farms," she says. "Chickens are bred to grow so quickly they can barely walk and they stew in their own waste for their entire lives."

"This is Colonel Sanders' real 'secret recipe'. At slaughter, these poor animals are still conscious when they are snapped into metal shackles, often with broken legs," Anderson claims. "They are shocked in an electrified water bath and many are still fully conscious when their necks are sliced open. Some are even burned to death in the scalding tank for feather removal."

Don't be a chicken, check out KFC Cruelty.

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