Monday 28 July 2008

No Knob signs

Back in June when the Festival of the Knob wanted to advertise it's event to the surrounding community, someone complained to the Council about the signs on the Cook Highway.

The organisers were ordered to remove them and told that they are a "violation of state law and the Main Roads policy on state highway signage."

However, some rules are bent for different bent folk.

Over the last 24 hours, dozens of signs for Trinity Anglican School's "sales day" have flooded roads around the region.

It appears that Council staff has decided that these signs are OK, because an allowance is made for 'community events'. Selling high-priced slots in a religious school is a 'community event', yet the Festival of the Knob isn't?

I suspect a few Council staff has children attending TAS and has made it happen for them!

I wonder if they'll censor the Yacht Club Public meeting signs going up for this Saturday's meeting?

Funny how religions always think they're above the law. You'd think the Pope was still here with this divine intervention.

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Anonymous said...

The other guy who has "the fix in" for illegal signs is John McKenzie's buddy Peter Roggenkamp. Signs for drag races and other road events are routinely strewn around the city with no attempt by council to ever remove them.

Why are there two standards being applied?