Sunday 13 July 2008

Some strongs words from the RSL

Douglas Lee, editor of Cairns branch of the RSL, writes in their latest newsletter, about the continual destruction of our city's heritage.
  • "Here is a [Cairns Yacht] building that is 112 years old and a club which can trace it's history through minuted meetings an additional 10 years," he writes.

    "I'm told that the new seven or eight million dollar replacement, adjacent to the Pier Marketplace, is not a new Yacht Club, but the Cairns Yacht Club will only have a small facility in the building of 70sq meters with no liquor licence or bar and no restaurant, these having already been let to tender by the developers [read: Port Authority]."

    They will only have a meeting room, despite the inaccurate publicity in the Cairns Post."

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