Thursday 10 July 2008

Council says: CairnsBlog is offensive site

If any of the 1000 staff at Cairns Regional Council attempt to access CairnsBlog from their office desk, they are warned that it's an "offensive site" from Council's IT geeks.
This is probably a legacy from dear ol Monty "Kev" Brynes (oh, we had fun back then), aka the former Mayor of Cairns, who detested all things bloggy. Especially CairnsBloggy.

Like Spike Milligan, I should pen a book called My Part in his Downfall: Spike's story of how he helped bring Hitler down, which, as friends will contest, sits amongst my 5,000+ book collection.
And there are many spooky similarities between Spike's tale and our recent Council election over-throw. I mean, I was in the 'army' of the 'Western front' fighting against what many described as a 'Hitler-type' regime, run by an ex-Army Major. Yeah, it's a rather severe description to draw, but I wasn't the only one to suggest such an analogy. There was... oh, I'd better not go there.
Anyway, but to the point of this wee ditty. Councillor Robert Pyne flicked this email (below) over to me. Robert's a regular Blog lurker, and sometimes contributor. However this Council Net Nanny warning didn't stop him. He clicked away to see what gossip and scandal was doing the rounds. Pyne's been known to be a naughty boy. Just ask Val what happened on Monday October 29th last year.
"I need my daily Blog fix Mike," Robert tells me. And so do I. But not some Council workers, it seems.


Anonymous said...

So Which side of the fence are you on? That Council workers should be able to read your site, or that council workers shouldn't be reading any sites during work time paid for by the ratepayers?

Anonymous said...

I have tried to get on to the ABC News site from a Council computer, and it is also listed as an offensive site, as are many other sites. I think it is just a way to remind people that a visit to an outside site will be recorded, to try to discourage workers from surfing the net instead of working.