Friday 18 July 2008

Pens and screams for Africa

Councillor Kirsten Lesina, probably Australia's youngest elected representative, spent yesterday morning at the Cairns Show.

Here's Kirsten pictured with some of the team at the Cairns Regional Council's stand, compete with stunning new displays from Cairns Water, funded from our upcoming rise in rates.

I've made a point of collecting all their freebies on offer, and will sell them on eBay, to offset the extra 11% that Val's changing me this year. This way I'll come out even, I reckon. As I loaded full my pockets, ever so discreetly, I nearly got sprung by CEO Noel Briggs, as he was knocking back a hot dog. He asked for 10% extra topping.

Today is public Show Day holiday in Cairns, and you too can enjoy all the fun and mayhem of the fair. If crowds and candyfloss shoved in your face, is your thing, don't miss out for this annual kid-fest. There'll be some spare ones available for the taking, come 9pm tonight.


Anonymous said...

Michael, You obviously got your rate figure of 11% from the cairns post which is nothing but untrue as the council has not given any figures. Even mckenzie was caught out a few times by quoting their propaganda to create hysteria.
Your writings since the election appear to me to have similar reaction as robert pyne, and that is, if you can't get your own way then lets SPIT THE DUMMY.
Also if you need to have a cartoonist, get one with a sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right, Anon. Robert Pyne in particular is shaping up a a huge disappointment - he's all show and no work. He doesn't have a clue about "consensus building", but when he's lost an issue he then goes crying to the press like the spoiled rich kid he is.

And on the tough issues, he's clearly taking the opposite view for his own political aggrandizement. He's intellectually outmatched even by Sno. Pretty sad.

Given that the mainstream press has already seen thru his childish antics, he's gone downscale to Mckenzie who is always a sucker for made-up crises.

Anonymous said...

Well "Bad Councillor ID".. at least I use my name and stand by what I say. I would be happy if there was an election tomorrow - I wish all of us would say and do what the people want.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, sweetheart, I've got a sense of humour.