Wednesday 16 July 2008

Letter in today's Cairns Post

  • It was sad to read that the vandals have already moved in on the iconic Cairns Yacht Club building.

    However, a far greater act of vandalism is about to perpetrated, this time via the demolition order served on the club by Cairns Ports.
    Cairns Ports is administered by two senior MP shareholders and an unelected board of local government appointees.

    This organisation was virtually given the club land, which was owned by the state. Now it can’t wait to clear it and sell it to the highest bidder and give the money to a grateful government.

    Although there’s not much time left to save the building, a recently formed group, People Against Demolition of the Yacht Club, will be manning a stall at the Cairns Show. The object is to obtain as many signatures for a protest petition as possible.

    The Government ignored the last one of 5000 signatures, perhaps double this might bring results.

    A rejuvenated iconic building in a small heritage waterfront park or a six-storey apartment block for the wealthy?

    It’s still over to the people of Cairns to decide.
Alex Blair, The Esplanade, Cairns.

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