Friday 5 December 2008

CairnsBlog cartoon by Circusmouse


Anonymous said...

If that's Kevin Byrne you have not done him justice. He's way more obesse than that Mr Mouse! This kind of humour appeals to us Trekies!

Anonymous said...

KB will be back, and as slimmy as ever. Shame that Val hasn't be bold and stronger. We all wait in hope but are running out of any sign of her standing for the very real principals she campaigned on.

Anonymous said...

haha Byrne's eyes are a little too slanted... must have been all those trips to China!

Anonymous said...

Im so in love with Circusmouse...he gets it right every time!!

Anonymous said...

My fondest recollections of KB saying "this is a set up!"

Now, it is KB, you silly man!

Anonymous said...

CircusMouse SO current....

Well MAYBE NOT KB - , let's think outside the square & let's hope not. For next Mayor there are some bright stars coming up in Council -with energy & ethics - a refreshing combo.
I'm thinking 'Developers Devil' Rob Pyne, I'm thinking Ms 'Climb Every Mountain' Forsyth, & refresingly, I'm thinking Ms 'Kick Those Heels' Cooper - who even last week, helping to overturn a stupid Council recommendation, said that the views of the community should be taken in to account, & that the Council officers' proposed scheme would 'not support community cohesion'.
Either Linda is Sarah Palin's twin sister separated at birth, &/or, she may actually care about Cairns. I know she ran with KB, but I'm beginning (after sitting through a couple of Council meetings) that she may actually care about Cairns & its people & environs. She's got a brain & a voice [& a very nice line in skirts & shoes].
Marg C still 'speaks with forked tongue' (& she's been 'our' Councillor here at Yorkeys for years). It's exhausting. Says one thing, does another. She might want to be Mayor, but is already exhausted as Deputy, on her own acknowledgement.
Then again, after this year, I think most of us are exhausted.
Sno Bonneau seems to have done a 'community-minded born again', so that's all very confusing. He wouldn't listen to so many of his constituents in his previous Division, yet he seems to have developed a conscience. I reckon he might of bought it at The Warehouse, & I think Marg C has recently bought hers' there too. Maybe they got a discount for quantity?
Ms. Lansky & Mr. Gregory - not sure. I haven't really had the Eagle Eye on them. Mr. Gregory seems to have some support with my mates at Gordonvale & further south, & got voted back in.
And Mr. Blake - he's the one with the idea of moving Rusty's Markets over to the waterfront, with a fish market - you know, the maritime theme. I think he's thinking of the area around the Ship Terminal (remember, next to where the Cairns Yacht Club used to be). I wonder what his financial interest in that site might be? Another PG business initiative, I think. Geez, he's got 'piggy eyes', hasn't he? I saw them up close whilst sweating outside at last week's Mossman Council meeting.
I really don't think Rusty's needs moving at all - it would be a disaster for Grafton St., all the arcades & associated businesses. Crap idea.

And Ms. Lesina - I think she may be a tad young - despite being fourth-generation Cairns & an LLB degree-person. But I'm willing to give her a chance - she may be the next Natasha Scott-Despoya. I think she's still swimming in a high sea, & absolutely needs to get rid of the dark pant suits & Serious Hair. Even Hillary Clinton looks cheerier. Get a makeover Kirsten. One can still have some feminine fripperies & speak intelligently & directly [talk to Linda C].
So few Councillors, so little time.
Early days campers, but Val the Administrator ain't going to cut the mustard. That I can see, as much as I like Val as a person. I even had another friend today, who helped & voted for her, refer to her as 'Valium Val'. I'll give her till next March - the first year, but after that, I think we'll be looking for a new candidate, & totally pissed off that the person [Val] who we all worked for has not vaguely come through with some of the goods. Or remembered her friends.

Anonymous said...

I would like to think that Val. may
see the writing on the wall,and decide to retire in the very near future.Robert Pyne would be the one I would like to see put his hand up for the job.Short fuse Blake would be waiting to pounce,heaven forbid,we would be worse off than ever if he had the job.

KitchenSlut said...

Meanwhile, down at the Villa Romana epicentre of the Cairns 'elite', who was that vivaceous young brunette thing being flirtaceously seduced by Macca this week? Waving his head around as he waved his wineglass synchronously around with intent to impress?

Shame about the sweat dribbling from beneath the rug ....

P.S. Will take bids on my mobile pics?

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for! For the first time we have a Mayor with impeccable green credentials, community development and managerial experience with a sustainable vision for the future of the whole region. I have decided to speak up because of the false impressions that are being touted by who knows who? Perhaps some of the detractors of Val in this Blog are jealous!!!!!
With regard to the Cairns Yacht Club Building, for which many of us still grieve, I know that Val worked behind the scenes, talking with Anna, Desley and the Cairns Port Authority and anybody else she could, to try to overturn the very silly & disapointing decision to take away the Aquatic Dance Palais from it's site on the waterfront. I don't need to speak up for Val, she can do that very ably for herself. I felt it was time that I spoke out and put the record straight for anyone who is interested in the facts. Over the past few weeks I have been at several functions with Val where people express their gratitude that she is our Mayor. Why not call Val and talk about your issues to get another side of the story. I don't know how many of us could cope with the constant unwarranted attack on Val, but I do know that Val is doing her best and will be here for the long run, as I will be.
Diane Forsyth
Councillor Division 7

Unknown said...

Dear Di,

You can do no wrong by me, ever, for what you did to try and save the Cairns yacht club !! I was there and watched you and you have my respect.
Personally,I don't know what the Mayor stands for. I have no idea where she is or what she does. She seems to be invisible.If she is doing good things for Cairns,maybe she should let us know.
On a local level, councillor Kirsten Lessina was quick to respond to some issues we had in our street and got them attended to. In the end that's what matters. Action speaks louder than words.