Thursday 18 December 2008

A real turn on from Council

Blakie has done something.

Well, not really, but the good Councillor Alan Blake did pump out a press release today. Well, not really. Council's spin department did that for him.

He announced that Scott and Severin Street intersection now have traffic lights.

"Councillor for the CBD" as he's now referred to, says the intersection has "heavy traffic flow from major inner city precincts and had been in need of traffic lights for quite some time." He goes on to tell us that is was upgraded by Council under the Federal Government’s Black Spot program.

Blakie wisely informs us, just in time for Christmas, that road accidents are "a major cost to Australians financially and emotionally every year," he says. "The Black Spot program funds effective measures such as traffic signals and roundabouts at locations that have more than three serious accidents over five years.”

As 'Councillor for the CBD', I wonder when Blakie is going to ditch the 10-month-old Cairns City Council street sign outside the Spence Street Council offices? It's odd that there's no rush to put up the new Council name from the merged Council's. The CEO ordered his workers to tear down the Douglas Shire Council's sign on the Mossman Shire office the Thursday before the March election, as an act of repugnant defiance. They were quicker than a Baghdad brickie.

I wrote to Noel Briggs back in July, to find out when he was going to change the Council Spence Street signs, but got no answer. Noel's still off on a 'fact finding' trip in some exotic overseas destination (well, I made that up). TanTabulous Tabulo is currently sitting in Noel's chair.


Anonymous said...

Is Blake still alive? I mean, I thought following the election, along with Sno Ant, would be hiding away for four years?


Anonymous said...

Now Cr Blake has launched "Code of Conduct" proceedings against Mayor Val, over remarks made after the Marlin Coast Community Centre vote was defeated. Council's reasoning for not allowing the Community Centre to be on land next to the Library was

Rationale …

"The Neighbourhood Centre is and should be just what the name stated a Neighbourhood Centre, and should be placed in a neighbourhood and not in a
Sport and Recreation Precinct."

How hilarious is this when approval was given to allow HS/RASVision to build their 650 Units down the middle of another Sports & Recreation Precinct, Paradise Palms Golf Course. Oh thats right, Council sneakily amended the Cairns Beaches Planning District Intent, after two submissions from those with a vested interest, and with no public consultation to change the intent to allow intensive Tourist & Residential Development on the Paradise Palms Site. Complaints about this rort fell on deaf ears in both State and Local Government. Sorry Councillor Blake, Code of Conduct is a mockery and until someone has the teeth to uphold the intent then it will be business as usual, Political point scoring at the expense of the long suffering ratepayers. Lets not wait until we sink to the depths of Port Douglas Council. Please Minister step in now and put the Cairns Regional Council under Management. A shame for those Coucnillors who are doing a good job like Julia but we have had enough.

Anonymous said...

Oh give us a break! Alan Blake having a go at valiant Val for standing up for the community. What a Joke!

What is tantamount to gross misconduct is the anti-community decision to overthrow the council recommendation to build a new Marlin Coast Neighbourhood Centre at Smithfield and knock back the $2 mil. from the State Govt to build it. Strewth what a waste.

The very misguided Linda Cooper and Sno Bonneau who are supposedly “community minded” - well guess what; both Cooper and Bonneau went along with that evil 'fork tongued' Margaret Cochrane, whose YMCA group objected to having a "neighbourhood centre" on their patch. What do they think the users of this centre are going to do?

And joining with the above anti-community Nazi’s was Paul Gregory, with a lame excuse and inevitably Nancy (say nothing) Lansky and you can guess where that snake Alan Blake sits. Not a community minded bone in his body.

The Liberal National Party is alive and well on Council. What is that evil wicked witch Cochrane promising her motley crew?

St. Ruth

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Councillor Bonneau Community minded.

KitchenSlut said...
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