Tuesday 30 December 2008

Nice for some

KiwiBlog reports that the New Zealand Herald has story on what Prime Ministers are paid.

They noted that Singapore's PM will have a 19% pay cut due to the world financial situation. How will he cope? Lee Hsien Loong earns the equivalent of $3.8 million a year, six times more than Barack Obama will earn and 12 times Kevin Rudd.
"Ambitious Australian pollies in straitened circumstances should head not east but west," the article says. "Western Australia's leader is the highest paid premier in the nation, and the WA backbencher earns more than his federal counterpart in Canberra. If that seems nonsensical, Australia also pays its governor-general more than its prime minister," the Herald article says.
Interesting to see that Australia and New Zealand Prime Ministers are relatively the same, given the massive difference in populations. The US President probably makes up for his meager salary with post-presidential duties.

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