Friday 19 December 2008

CairnsBlog cartoon by Circusmouse


Anonymous said...

Lets hope that they can keep the planes on the routes that are left in the air at all times!

Fosnez said...

Well at least they are going to turn off the lights. Save the planet and all that...

Anonymous said...

Dear Circusmouse, the love of my life, thank you again for another marvelous cartoon. Just asking you to keep up the wonderful work you are doing on Cairnsblog with your weekly cartoons.

After nearly 10 years in Cairns I'm flying the coop to live along the Great OceaN Road seaside, away from this bastard heat!

However I will keep watching what you do and be a regular visitor to the Blog and look forward to your Christmas cartoon.

Have a very merry Xmas Circusmouse and a healthy and happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Qantas is up the shit at the mo.. and looks like their planes need more than two big arms to crawl out of all their strife!

They're ova Cairns anyway.

Anonymous said...

Qantas just don't seem to get it, especially the new CEO.

The price for your ticket is always more, the queues longer, the new computer system is up the shit, seating families all over the plane and not together, staff at the check-ins no longer have the authority to change computer generated seat allocation, the seats are closer together, less leg room, the seat shorter, less food, and less service.

Yet, they want their staff to undergo more Customer Service training to better help them deal with all the complaints!! Not only that, Qantas are also cutting down on cleaning inside the terminals and the check-in staff who nomrally work 12 hour days, also now have to empty rubbish bins!!

Yet they are quite happy to pay retiring CEO Geoff Dixon, 60 million as a payout for his service to the Company.

A truly disgraceful situation for an Australian iconic company!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff guys (or girls!)

I've just come across your blog. The quality of your cartoonist / illustrator is very high. How come the Cairns Post newspaper don't have a local illustrator?

I've emailed this around to my friends in Melb.

Thanks for the work you all put in. Excellent local commentary and funny cartoons!

Kerry & Andrew

Anonymous said...

Does it say "Sarnora" Circusmouse?

Anonymous said...

It says "sayonara"

Anonymous said...

I think all the QANTAS cuts are to do with maintaining the value of the company & its shares. The old greed stuff.
More worrying is that the new CEO of QANTAS is the former CEO of JetStar - & we all know how non user-friendly that airline has been, especially in the domestic realm.
And to Kerry & Andrew above (welcome to the Blog, it's where you get the news the ComPost doesn't know how to print) - probably the reason the Cairns Post doesn't have a local illustrator is that the whole paper has slid into a cheap, nonsensical tabloid rag under the editorship of Mark Alexander, the past couple of years. Before that, under Scott Thompson, the paper had some degree of semblance to investigative reporting & journalism. We don't call it the "ComPost" now for nothing.