Monday 22 December 2008

The annual Ground Hog Day in Douglas

Cruising Ex Douglas Councillor Rod Davis, has plently of time to think these days. On board his boat, somewhere in the Caribbean, he's penned a contribution to his CairnsBlog readers, as he observes the wrangles inside the new Cairns Regional Council.

News travels fast these days, and even here, sitting in the cockpit of comfy old yacht, on approach to the Caribbean, on a Panamanian Island, I can follow the politics of Cairns Regional Council, with amusement.

For those from Cairns who don’t follow Douglas politics, my views may seem new. To anyone from Douglas, its Christmas Ground Hog Day, year 4. Here we go again!

Firstly, this time of the year is psycho-angst ,max out time. Add a dash of booze, some fatty sugary foods, pressure at work, and the seams come undone, all around the world, and especially in anal Australian politic, come Christmas. And especially in hot, wet, recessed Cairns, where the there is a bit more Oh, in “Oh what a feeling”, at Pacific Toyota. Not to mention its dependants.
It’s happened every year , for the last 3 years in Douglas. Its dysfunction day, once again.
Take some progressive type like Val and her mob. In Douglas, its was me and Mike Berwick.

In Douglas’s case, a bunch or right useless, redneck drunks, perverts and losers. In Cairns case, I’ll let the reader do his own personally casting analogies for the faceless anti-mob, who vote down one good idea, after another. Let’s call them , those who live in fear.

Those who live in fear, rule the world at the moment, including Cairns. And when you add those with fear, to those with ideas, and add a dose of school yard bullshit called the Code of Conduct, all you end up with, is a divided and therefore conquered governance. Some , like me, could give you a good argument, that says this is the way so called ‘free’ democracies are designed to work.

Others like Icke ably fill out the greasy details. The code just amplifies any argument, by giving those with the voting numbers, the ‘legit’ ability call code breeches on any political opponent with impunity. Its a farce. The code adds legitimacy to school yard politics, but allows bullying by vote number supremacy all at the same time. It’s a failure.

The irony of Beatties’ Council Code of conduct, infact the hypocrisy of his code, astounds me, on reflection. The aim of the code of conduct, noble as it once seemed, was to sort out petty differences in councils, and keep things squeaky. Instead, its actual impact, right across Queensland is the dead opposite. The Code of conduct promotes, feeds and adds steroids to dysfunction. And the irony, and hypocrisy of this, is that it all comes from the evil Queensland Government, itself a victim off dark forces, whether run by Joh, or Anna, it’s all the same subtle agenda. No one really knows about the dark, Opus Die-esque semi secret society, dear sweet Peter Beattie was a beholden member of. To anyone like me, who knows his way around the Code of Conduct, due to its regular application up my sphincter, the floor of the Queensland Parliament, on technical examination, is a working (but immune) example of one Code of Conduct breach after another. It’s a disgrace.

Add this to the gerrymander tactic of Joh, and now the ALP, with their ‘optional preferential voting’ that has till recently decimated the Libs and Nats in three corner contests, and well, Queensland remains a black backwater of governance, under a very thin PR veil.

Staff are meant to hire adjudicators to the code violation adjudications, but they themselves become rabbits in the cross hairs, so they simply call on useless, worn out public servants, such as the pathetic former CEO type of redneck central places like, Mareeba, to be judge jury and counsellor. The results make the kangaroo court that is the Rugby League judiciary, look like the High Court.

In the meantime, little depots, pretending to have no real agenda in politics, pretending to being ‘public service’, (when it all about self service,) get to run the roost. Mind you, in Cairns case, the defacto governor is seemingly Cairns Water, just like the RTA runs NSW. The dysfunction of the CRC puts the Christmas in Noel ( Briggs). In the case of Douglas, chief Masonic poo bah, and his merry, small town Masonic cohorts, Mr Terry Melchert, fed of the Code of Conduct to divide, and in Douglas’s case, run the council into oblivion. Who needs Jonestown , when you could have Douglas, eh Terry?

This pre-Christmas mania lasts till the holiday break, then builds steam once again in Febuarys’ mega wet season rebuilds angst.

From my point of view, I’ve seen it all before, but its disgusts me, when cancerous fools like Warren Pitt cite Douglas’s dysfunction for a reason to get rid of one of those councils offending his AWU and Property Council masters, by spearing Douglas, only to have the very same code driven dysfunction ( of his design) do the exact same thing to Douglas’s occupying force , the CRC. It’s ground hog day for Douglas.

It appals me, to be the last elected Councillor for Port Douglas, a part of multi award winning council, brought down by designer divide and conquer Code of Conducts, and Masonic madmen hell bent on taking the council down, all on the basis of so called ‘dysfunctional governance’ . All this then sold down the road by cancerous Pitt, Boy Fraser, and apprentice navy electrician Obrien, only to have Douglas rule, replaced by an even bigger, divided, bickering and dysfunctional Cairns Regional Council.

The irony of it drips like the arboreal bromeliads, on the jungle clad beach behind me. Partisan revenge politics says get rid of the Queensland ALP next election, which, whilst a worthy idea, will only lead to yet another dreadful government under the united redneck party. Australia sure knows how to breed up pathetic losers, whether on the left or the right, of our too many parliaments. The only governance that worked for 50,000 years on Australia, was consensual indigenous types of governance, the type of governance that we colonising wankers killed off.
But with the looming collapse of the fourth Reich, the USA, where I have just been, there is hope, through Shiva the destroyer type recreation, for a governance that may, in our lifetime, one day grow. For now, Douglas was a microcosm of Cairns, Cairns is a microcosm of Queensland, and Queensland its microcosm of dysfunctional world governance.

As a yachtie, used to working with rusted mechanics, my earliest introduction to things like WD40, was a spray lubricant called CRC. When CRC was deemed the new acronym for Douglas’s occupying forces, the use and application of the penetrating lubricant, CRC, came instantly to mind.

Indeed, my concerns that the CRC would be liberally applied the Douglas sphincter, and the spray can let run, has indeed turned out to me, to be an accurate premonition.

I wrote to Julia Lue today, and said, don’t hold it against me Julia, but I’m kinda rather glad, to be here, sitting on an old ocean sailing Bentley, rather than in her seat, with a can of CRC firmly applied to my ar...ah, you get my drift.

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