Thursday 18 December 2008

Our land warriors celebrate

L-R: Denis Walls, Terry Spackman, Mark Buttrose, Steven Nowakowski, Steve Ryan, Brynn Matthews, Nev Ridley.

Some of Cairns most influential environmental warriors gathered for a quiet and reflective balcony drink recently at Cominos House, home to CAFNEC.

Mark Buttrose and Steven Nowakowski were there, lucky to be alive after their private chartered helicopter crashed on False Cape, during a photographic survey. They were attempting to expose environmental violations to the huge development site at the East of Trinity Bay. Their documenting, contributed to closing down of the site and intervention by Hon Peter Garret, the Federal Environment Minister. It followed an extensive five year battle to get the local Council and State Government to take action against serious runs off into the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Steven Nowakowski has since opened a landscape photographic gallery at the Pier Shopping Centre.

Nev Ridley also contributed to the Save False Cape team, and was the very real gate-keeper to the scared development site.

Steve Ryan has for another year been the lead advocate for our region's unique environmental lobby group, CAFNEC. Steve shared his expertise with numerous causes and community groups during the year.

Besides jumping on the 100 year old Cairns Yacht Club roof and getting arrested, Terry Spackman was also celebrating after another year exposing dodgy developers and Council's inaction to prevent unlawful sediment runs off from building sites. There's no doubt that Terry forced the new Cairns Regional Council to act and monitor development sites. His CairnsBlog videos made it to local TV, and Council saw they similar had to act.

Yacht Club campaigner Bryan Law was also there. The camera-shy serial-non-violent protester, made a significant contribution during the year. Through a series of significant public and media-orchestrated events, Law highlighted the vile heritage destruction by the Queensland Labor government and the former Cairns City Council. Just a few weeks ago, Bryan under-went open heart surgery.

There was much to be happy about for these defenders of all things green, but the fight continues. It's a dirty world out there.


Anonymous said...

You have to be grateful that people like this are out there in our community.

For us lazy couch potatoes, and there's heaps of them / us, we can complain from the sidelines, and moan about the lefties, but they work so we can all enjoy a better quality of life and at least attempt to keep the bastard developers homest, or even accountable.


Anonymous said...

Hear Hear, James. Good to see Bryan Law back with us - hope you are recovering well mate.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lillian,

How is Bryan Law laying about "recovering" different from Bryan Law laying about doing nothing but collecting his dole?

Anonymous said...

Thank-you Lillian for your good wishes. And thanks to Bryan Outlaw too for reminding me how fortunate I am to enjoy a life in modern Cairns - where those who want to are able to engage with real issues, solve problems, delight in the miracle of God's creation and give thanks for the wonderful opportunities in front of us.

If we were really stupid, we'd choose instead the invincible ignorance and prejudice of Bryan Outlaw, curmudgeon ordinaire.

KitchenSlut said...

Good to see you back Bryan!

I was at BNE airport recently when your name was called for the flight back to Cairns and was aware at the time that you were recovering from surgery!

I wish you well.....

Empathy personal only and doesn't extent to your own views or mine on anything :)

Anonymous said...

Well done all ye merry gentlemen! Nice to see that secret mens' business still goes on at Cominos House.

Anonymous said...

Is that Denis Walls the famous 4CCR FM Radio personality from years past? What ever happened to community radio in Cairns??

Anonymous said...

Yep that is Denis Walls from 4CCR FM Radio. It was actually there where I first met Denis in 1997.