Thursday 18 December 2008

Water, water everywhere

Tom Hedley's Paradise Palms is awash with water - seems like it's plentiful at Palm Cove.

For around two hours today, in the 30 degree heat of the sun, Tom had the taps turned on full tit, watering his front street-side garden.

Council are famous for doing this as well, under the scorching heat of the midday sun, they water the city's medium strips. Most of us in the burbs, know that for watering to be effective, you water in the evening hours, therefore retaining most to work and get to the root system of the vegetation. Watering during the day also burns the roots and damages plants.

Maybe after Tom's approval to start digging up Paradise Palms golf course to build hundreds of apartments, he doesn't give a toss about wasting water. I have to wonder why he's so blatant about it, right on our main tourist highway, in the middle of the day?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looks like the hoses / sprinklerts are way up high .. how much of this water will be evaporated even before it hits the plants!!

Are these guys that stoopid?