Friday 19 December 2008

Honeymoon Crocodile

Yesterday a dead crocodile washed up at Honeymoon Bay, just north of Palm Cove.
The beast was just over 1.5mt, and although they are in a sleep-like state, three CairnsBlog readers reported that he was definately deceased.
"I reckon he was eaiser attacked or suffered some kind of injury," said John of Clifton.
The northerly coastal walk from Palm Cove to the remote Honeymoon Bay, is a favourite with nudists, hardy enough to take the 25 minute walk.
The croc, now dubbed Lazy Jane by locals, was thought to have washed up in the last couple of days. "She wasn't there on Wednesday," Clifton beachgoer John told CairnsBlog today.
Meanwhile, a number of small stingrays and Shovelnose sharks have been seen right along the water's edge around Palm Cove, Buchans Point and Ellis Beach. At this time of the year, the water temperature reaches at least 28 degrees in the very shallows, and these rays come right to the edge of the surf to feed on Guppy (not Damon) and other small fish and sealife.
It's almost impossible to see the stingrays, as they ly very still just below the sand. However their lethal barb tails are the giveaway. Look out for the pretty Coach Whip, it's the one with the stripped tail. You'll need to keep a watchful eye out if you wad along the water's edge over the next few months.
Three years ago, a Japanese tourst got caught out when she stood on the back on a 14cm stingray and received a nasty jab through her ankle. I mean, if someone jumped on your back, you'd be looking for revenge as well.

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hahha the nudies better watch out or their bits will be in danger!