Tuesday 2 December 2008

Oh, the irony

Kassandra Zandt doesn't need a publicity agent with friends like Gavin and Mark at the Cairns Post.

You see 18-year-old Ms Zandt loves to strip down to her swimmers at any given opportunity. It's what she does. Then her pix get plastered all over the print media. It's what the Cairns Post does. Then the tradies - or at least some of them, along with some lonely mum's in Manunda, dribble all over a nearly life-sized print of her perky breasts and D-sized cups on the cover of today's Post. And they wonder why people call it the Compost?

Oh, the irony. You see the cover story is all about a trashy magazine, Zoo Weekly, printing Kassandra's boobies against her wishes and to her horror. So what does the Cairns Post do? Exactly the same! However, it seems that Mrs Zandt "gave The Cairns Post permission to run the least revealing of the photos," the story says. The 'least' revealing? Please. Did she give permission to grace the entire front cover of the newspaper, three times the size of any photo in Zoo Weekly? Maybe she should sue the Post as well?

I wonder if Post writer Bronwyn Cummings knew that Chief of Stiff Gavin King would run a full-page cover spread on this girl?

The Post has published a number of photos of this young lass over the last few months. Seems like they are rather fixated on her, and other young barely-clad females. If there's a pedophilia award in the Murdoch empire, the Cairns Post would be a breast ahead of the rest.

One of the all-time horrid photos was of 16-year-old Kendal Schuler, who looked like her mum banned her from McDonald's when she was five. I thought she'd make a good subject for a caption contest at the time, but I didn't want to give Kendal anymore exposure. The photo looked like someone was jamming a broom where the sun don't shine, and not in a nice way. Maybe she was saying something to the photographer like "If I put my hand here, my head won't fall off. He he he."

The reason why the Cairns Post continues to exploit this type of so-called journalism, and give it such promernence is because it's dramatic and cheap porn at the least, and means they only have to put around thirty words on the cover of their tablewd.

It seems that any excuse for some full page barley-of-age titillating titty. Oh Cairns Post, you're sometimes right up there with the News of the World, National Enquirer, and even The Sun. At least they do this stuff on page three.


Anonymous said...

Surely what the Cairns Post publishes is better than a cartoon of our Premier giving our Mayor one with a strap-on ???

Didn't see that published anywhere else !!!

Anonymous said...

Fairfax? I thought the Cairns Post was a Murdoch Tabloid -like most of the print media in this country. Murdoch has never been responsible for any highbrow journalism - just look at the people he employs at the Cairns Post.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you read the comments by the readers of this blog about that cartoon you refer to . The word "metaphor" cropped up many times. It seems, however, that some people still don't get it.
I went back to look at those comments and you were not among them.
Why was that?

Anonymous said...

I fully understand the message behind that well drawn comment, Mr Mouse.

Just havin' a shot at the sanctimonious hypocrisy displayed by the owner of this blog ...

Anonymous said...

It's always hard to know whether a Cairns Post story like this is:

(a) a case of the Cairns Post in its usual, news-limiting, shock/horror/naked-flesh/moral panic/take-a-peek-anyway mode

(b) a case of an attractive young woman clever enough to obtain free publicity from the conformist sleazebags who edit the Post

(c) a bit of both

Either way, great story Mike.

Anonymous said...

Guess you gay dudes wouldn't be so angry if it was some stripped-down guy on the front page, now would you?

Tony Hillier said...

Syd, I would say all three of your observations are accurate. More pertinently, perhaps, the piece under debate was palpably NOT a page-one story — even by the lowly standards practiced by ultra-lightweight tabloids like the ComPost.

A city the size of Cairns deserves a decent daily newspaper, staffed by experienced journos and led by an editor who has at least a skerrick of integrity. Unfortunately, the vast majority of newsrooms are male bastions. Their organs (pun intended) tend to reflect their preoccupations.

Michael P Moore said...

A name-less commentor said... "you gay dudes wouldn't be so angry if it was some stripped-down guy on the front page, now would you?"

Well, the story, as Tyson rightly defends, was all about the content the Cairns Post is pumping out.

So if, as you suggest, the Post printed a similar story about "some stripped-down guy" my same argument would apply.

It would hardly be any improvement at all.

Here we have a Council that should be held to account and publically questioned. The wet season is upon us bringing with it numerous and serious environmental challenges that should be reported widely to the public via the Cairns Post readership. Yet they choose to run fluffly stories with no credibility whatsoever.