Friday, 26 December 2008

CairnsBlog cartoon by Circusmouse - Holiday Special!


Circusmouse said...

As it's the festive season, I thought I'd do something a little different. If you click on the cartoon, you'll be taken to the full size version.
Best regards to all, and thanks for everyone's comments.

Anonymous said...

In the "Now shot", there should have been a brown paper bag in the other hand, with the caption, "To Val with thanks and love,

(as in CEO Vison Group)!!!

Mark said...

Of course we'll be seeing Circusmouse and Anonymous using their real names and throwing their hats into the ring for the mayor's position at the next council elections because we know they would make better leaders than cheap shot artists.

Julie Anderson, Woree said...

and "Mark" .. what is your real name mate??

If you're prepared to have a swipe at others.. then tell us your real name.. you full name. You are too hypocrical mate.

I reckon you also miss the real story behind the cartoon (my view).

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

CircusMouse - another early morning keyboard-splattering cuppa tea cartoon. You are naughty - thank heavens. Hope you're having a good Chrissy & an excellent & wicked New Year to you.
Mind you, it would excellent if Ms. Val, once she's off traversing the Tassie mountains, would convene a Think Tank or similar amongst her supporters - or, should I say, former supporters. At least HEAR what we have to say.

Mark said...

Yeah Julie I am sure you are right and I am sure you have made an effort to discuss any points of concern you may have with our current Mayor. I believe she is doing a damn better job than her predecessor and no I am not a personal friend of hers.

I do get the point of the cartoon, quite clever for this part of the world really, but I'd be interested to see if some people would have had the courage to depict Kevin Byrne taking it up the arse as our current Mayor has been depicted in postings this year, without any threat of defamation I might note.

But then Julie if only I could aspire to be half as smart as you obviously are I would have a go at running for Mayor.

Joe from Gordonvale said...

Yes Lillian I support your suggestion that Val should meet with some of the people that voted her into office(which most of us now regret).That would give people a chance to find out if Val now deserves our support.