Thursday 25 December 2008

The Kiwi exodus continues

KiwiBlog reports about the Permanent and Long-term Departure Rates of Kiwis, that in the year to November 2008, there were:
  • 83,802 PLT departures (76,000 previous 12 months) or 1,600 a week
  • 48,474 PLT departures to Australia (40,786) or 930 a week
  • 60,871 PLT departures of NZ citizens (54,722) or 1,170 a week
  • 37,502 Net PLT departures of NZ citizens (31,614) or 720 a week
KiwiBlog author David Farrar ponders if the credit crisis will make the exodus worse, or if Kiwis return to home in troubled times.

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