Sunday 21 December 2008

Kevin's carbon cuts

  • In 2008 we listened to Kevin,
    And we thought he was boring, but probably straight.
    He'd put his green garb on and vowed to cut carbon,
    So we thought he'd deliver in 2008.
    The Murray is drying, the Reef may be dying,
    Kakadu's flooding and farmers face drought.
    The evidence clearly says we'll all pay dearly
    For ignoring the facts with inaction and doubt.
    Rudd consulted with Garnaut, but then he said, "Ah, no,
    Even those feeble targets are out of our range.
    It's too much ambition to cut our emission
    To the point where we'd actually stop climate change."
    "It might cause job losses, or so say the bosses
    Who make buckets of money from coal and cement.
    They can keep on polluting, while I'll be diluting
    My promises down to a mere five per cent."
    "So bugger the science, I'll propose an alliance
    With the Libs -- that'll make 'em break ranks."
    In this new coalition, Greens go to perdition.
    Rudd won't save the rivers, but he might save the banks.


Anonymous said...

"Rudd won't save the rivers, but he will save the banks":

Prior to the election, Labor did some nasty and soul selling preference deals with the Greens to ensure that they were elected. Let's be honest, they really didn't need to do it, but I guess they just wanted to shore up their numbers so to speak.

Now that Kevin Rudd has announced that he won't be meeting Ross Garnaut's figures for cutting Green House emissions, I speculate that the Prime Minister is about to find out just exactly how hard it can be to pass certain legislation with the Greens. "Hell hath no fury like a Greenie scorned"; and Kevin Rudd is about to pay the price for his party's "one night stand" with the Greens and "not calling them the next day" :-)

The Greens policy on national park management is to close off everything and not allow anyone into it. They have a particular hatred of recreational fishermen and want to see their ranks banished by the use of green zones in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and other areas such as Moreton Bay. The phrase "So bugger the science" has been proven to be the Greens rationale with green zones before today and I doubt that it will change anytime soon; the term 'sustainable use' does not exist in their vocabulary. They feel that locking everyone out of the national parks is the way to maintain the environment which is really sad.

Still, back on topic; Kevin Rudd is trying to keep the majority happy. He understands that you can't do this for everyone but you can do it for most people. What he does now is determining if he is a one or two term Prime Minister, let's face it - a voting public with jobs is easier to manage than a voting public with no jobs and wanting his head at the next election.

An alliance with the Libs? Well it would be an unholy one but it would be better in the long term for the country and keep the Greens as the environmental voice of conscience where they belong. These people along with the radical Christians that had John Howard's ear are probably the most dangerous groups in existence today. Keeping these groups at a safe distance is a priority that should not be ignored or it will be at our peril.

Anonymous said...

Andrew writes: "They feel that locking everyone out of the national parks is the way to maintain the environment which is really sad."

I keep hearing this accusation Andrew.

Cam you please name one national park in Australia surrounded by a high fence with padlocked gates?

Anonymous said...

Sid says: "Can you please name one national park in Australia surrounded by a high fence with padlocked gates?"

Well, to start with the Great Barrier Reef is one that springs to mind, although there are no padlocks, policy formulated by the greens and their supporters may as well signify one.

All you need to be convicted of a green zone infringement now is to have (at the officers discretion) shown intent to fish in a green zone. This includes using a sounder or having rods on board your boat, irrespective of wether they are deployed or if you are navigating an area with a charted reef.

The Greens have repeatedly opposed any means by the Coalition senators or any other party that opposes or has questioned this law.

I will try to find a specific reference for what you have asked and get back to you.