Sunday 7 December 2008

A Christmas message from Cr Rob Pyne


KitchenSlut said...

What an exceptionally and surprisingly boringly cliched man!

Anonymous said...

Good on you Rob! The community needs as much feedback as it can get and even though I'm not in your 'neck of the woods' I was interested to hear about what's been happening there.

Anonymous said...

What an amazing person, & what an excellent message - as individuals WE can make a difference. Thank you Rob Pyne, on so many levels during the year.
And Wendy R - it's 'not on your turf'? OK, you may be running for Baron River electorate, but why does that exclude you from Cairns matters? It's just a line on the highway.

Anonymous said...

Lillan, I totally agree with your comment re a line on the highway. You seem to have misunderstood my comments though.

You see, I AM interested in all of the region - that's why I take the time to talk with Rob (and other Councllors), read his newsletters, watch his Christmas clip and generally follow what's happening everywhere, including the southern suburbs.

My comment re 'I'm not in your neck of the woods' (I didn't say 'not on my turf')was merely a personal reflection - as I don't live in Rob's Division.

Be happy to talk to you more in person Lillian as you seem to be very involved and thoughtful about the community.

I'm in the phone book if you would like to do so.