Thursday 18 December 2008

Di's Magic Roundabout

Councillor for all things Edge Hill, Di-on-the-roof-Forsyth, has finally got her knobby neighbours a new spanking new roundabout.
Just days after the March Council election, some clever local snapped some pics of their grubby roundabout and wanted it repaired. You see it was bumped and marked from all those BMW's and 4WD Shopping Karts. "Congratulations Di, Now Fix This!" a sign said the appeared on the dodgy and tire-marked roundabout.
"I must say I was surprised this morning when checking the CairnsBlog to see my [election] sign in the Edge Hill Roundabout," Di said in April. "I think I know who the 'cheeky' resident is, and I want to assure him and all the residents of this area, that fixing this eyesore will be one of my priorities," she said. Well, it only took 10 months.
Di said that part of the problem is the large number of heavy transport that use the Edge Hill roundabout. "This is an issue of the Edge Hill traders." The police were asked months ago to monitor heavy vehicles using Collins Ave and the Edge Hill roundabout.
So, last week Di got her Council boys to relay the roundabout. You have to wonder how it got so grubby and smashed up in the first place, when most other roundabouts, of which Cairns is famous for, hardly get a scratch on them.
What is it with the Latte Loonies, can't they drive properly or are they busy perving on who's downing a mocha with who at the Edge Cafe as they sweep round Five Ways?? Oh, there's Cochrane and Blake, together again.


Anonymous said...

I love Di.. way better than whats-her-face we had to endure before.. And she knows how to get on the turps! opps!!!!

williamtell said...

Di had nothing to do with this roundabout as far as l know
The plans for a new roundabout were in the pipeline for a long time due to semi trailers and large trucks trying to get around it and smashing the kerbing
The only counciller that l know had anything to do with it was Cr Cochrane when the ever whinging Edge Hill traders didnt like the original planned roundabout
They didnt even see or know what the design was and they started the bitching
The new roundabout will end up like the old one due to being a poor design(insufficient radius) and semi trailers shoving it and backwheels mounting it (excess weight on unreinforced concrete)

Anonymous said...

But it does give the beautiful people something to look at whilst 'being seen' sipping on a Mocha latte at the corner cafe and inhaling the carbon monoxide fumes of the passing traffic.