Monday 22 December 2008

I amout of the office

The Ed should be a wee bit more careful when it comes to leaving his computer, while he's away on holiday.


Anonymous said...


The Editor of a major regional newspaper has better things to do than get his spelling correct.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, given your predilection for posting any and all email correspondence on your blog let me say hello to your wonderful readers.

Secondly, do you think it’s appropriate to post Mark Alexander’s mobile number on your blog in your enthralling piece about his email out-of-office reply?

How does the posting of someone’s mobile fit in with your statement on your contact page that says “My number is 1800 CAIRNS BLOG. Nah, only joking. I provide this to those that have already established contact with me. It's a big bad world out there!”?

The damage is already done, but it would be great if you could black out his mobile number.

Chief of Staff
The Cairns Post
22-24 Abbott Street CAIRNS QLD 4870
P: (07) 4052 6627
F: (07) 4052 6633

Anonymous said...

Appologies Gavin for the oversight. I've removed the number 1900 SLUTTY GIRL PIX


KitchenSlut said...

What? A predilection for posting any and all email you say young Gav?

As opposed to what? Predilectiously publishing whatever suits your sales and marketing?

Damn, I now feel slighted for all those scandalous emails I passed on that weren't posted! If there are any other jilted lovers maybe we can get a class action up against MPM for not predilectiously posting our emails?

Wow! That must have hit a nerve mate?

KitchenSlut said...

Oops I meant to say:

Predilectiously AND SELECTIVELY publishing whatever suits your sales and marketing?

I will make no comment on recent apparent closure of restuarant establishments around town which despite accolades in your journal (sic)were associated with criminal threats against those who complained about service and standards!

Anonymous said...

Kitchen Slut - do tell the rest of us, just what restaurants have closed that we are not even aware of - for those not fortunate to not be able to eat out often, like myself?

A restaurant called the Fish Cafe closed in Clifton Beach about 6 weeks ago.

Main problem there, was that fish portions very small, chips often overcooked, and pricey to boot.

When a friend of mine complained to the management about the size of fish portions, she was told, "We do not cater for locals."

So in a place like CB, what other market is there? I think they may have learnt that lesson the hard way!

KitchenSlut said...

Warrior, I think many establishments in Cairns are struggling and still the tourism establishment seems to believe its all marketing rather than the quality of the product!?

I wont name the establishment but this was one of the more recent comments received after an associate posted negative comments about some of the most appalling standards I have seen on a night out in Cairns.

"Show your face you cowardly cunt because I have a baseball bat with your fucking name on it. Go on kitchenslut, put your name up in bright lights for all to see. You don't have the guts. I don't care how long it takes, I will find you."

Apparently this was in response to the suggestion that the bruschetta was slow! At least until recently this establishment posted in its window a glowing review from an esteemed Cairns 'journal'?

Our site tracker indicates this person regularly visited via google searches on the name of the establishment ...

Anonymous said...

Gavin King is so gay.. just ask his dog Ziggy.

Anonymous said...

Hello Gavin,

Merry Christmas and welcome to our wonderful blog, where we have the opportunity to voice our opinions free of censorship. Anyway, given it was a work email address, and an automatic out of office reply, I would imagine that would make it a work mobile number, thus accessible to anyone who cared to email Alexander, thus I’m a little lost as to the issue here? Oh that’s right ... Shhhh its the Cairns Post don't contact us, we don't really want to know what’s going on.

Anonymous said...

I think you're all being terribly mean to Gavin. True, he does use his column to be mean to a wide selection of Cairns residents - some of whom I like.

But that seems fair to me.

Imagine spending your days having to read the dribble that comes from press agents keen to win exposure for their retarded, narrow-minded, bigotted and offensive clients seeking Laura Norder in the noerthern bits of our fair city and speaking in tongues. And that's just the Taipans. There's three levels of government as well - plus the Real Estate gangs and the alcohol pushers.

Gavin, and mark, deserve our sympathy.

OK maybe just one kick up the arse.

Anonymous said...

Be still my beating heart - the King Himself demeaning himself enough to read the Blog. It proves indeed he can read, & write in whole sentences - unless he got someone to type his blog entry.
And Gav, you haven't written back to that Mike for removing Markie's mobile number. Mind you, I can't imagine what I would want to call Mark for.... then again, maybe we could have a chat about what real journalism (cf. tabloid crap) means, & redeeming himself in that regard in 2009.
And BlogFolks, now Gav's in the Big Chair until the 12th - well, the ComPost will be much easier & quicker to read - pages 1-5: Doom, Death & Disaster (car, truck/train crashes then three pages of Beach Babes (one mauled by a crocodile), lots of incoherent racist/sexist/homophobic TXTS, & a tad of Val-bashing somewhere on page 12 or 14 (Editorial). Of course, much quicker to read as there'll be full-page adverts on pages 6,7,9 & 11. I can't wait.
However, lots of lovely pages to wrap up our prawn shells. The ComPost comes in SO handy.

Anonymous said...

If I was Rupert Murdoch, I'd put all my Editors and Chiefs of Staff on a $1 per year salary until further notice.

This kind of thing is all the rage for Detroit CEOs these days. It makes for happy staff relations and lubricates the flow of taxpayer dosh into the corproate coffers.

Those at the bottom of the pyramid don't feel quite so put-upon. Those at the top save a few millions. Those in Gavin and Mark's positions learn the joys of transcending materialism.

It's win-win-win.

I may write to Rupert and suggest this. I suppose offer me a well-paid position. Chief of Razor-Gangs, perhaps?

I'll not be too proud to accept a modest eight-figure consideration for my invaluable services.

Anonymous said...

Syd- A slow news day in Myola today?

KitchenSlut said...


I think the theme here is that the Cairns Post is a community of whores who will write anything if it contributes an advertisiing dollar from their marketing division (and Bryan)!

There is nothing any longer professional about journalism? It amorally supports the advertising? It is indeed a community of whores!

Note Syd that this is very different from your own diatribe that Rupert is at the centre of a jewish conspiracy and that this is the focus opf all News Ltd media!

Rupert is smarter than that and thats how he got rich mate!

Anonymous said...

Your enthusiasm for putting words in my mouth and blatantly misrepresenting what I say has clearly not been diminished by the holiday season, slut. You are a pest, aren't you?

Who are you, anyway? I post under my real name. Who are you? Isn't it about time that you reveal your identity, if you intend to continually misrepresnt and attack another person?

IMO the right to anonymity has limits - and you are pushing them to the limit.

Anonymous said...

Syd and 'Slut- get a room guys. Or conduct your slanging matches on YOUR OWN blogs.

Anonymous said...

I agree, 'Jesus'.

But if you're bothered enough to comment about this, please check the record.

You'll notice this person called 'Kitchenslut' is the one who starts attacks on me. My aim in replying is simply to defend myself from absurd and false insinuations.

For some reason, this person keeps making them. Yet he/she won't give their real identity. How pathetic.

I don't want to bore Cairnsblog readers with bickering. I do intend to defend myself from slurs and falsehoods.

KitchenSlut said...

Syd mate! Not aware that you have posted anything on the 'slurs and falsehoods'of mine mate? Mate, your own blog is a very modern fascist diatribe and thats it! Full of preconceptions and paranoid psychological shit!

But with regard to the original posts by Gavin King I note some very odd and quite contrary postings in the Weekend Compost!

In a lead role the Post has published a sycophantic letter from someone congratulating them on their "investigative journalism" and positive role in the community with special reference to the Compost letters.

Scroll a few pages and we have the ubiquitous Gavin King saying: "we wont get a new hospital for decades because planning for the future is still a distant second to planning for the next election".

Hang on here possums!! What happened to the Compost headline "WE DID IT" screaming about their successful campaign for a new hospital?

What happened to the letters to the Compost editor from prominent local political identities opposing the patched up crap we have been delivered which were published not days but weeks late in the Compost letters in meaninglessly edited form!

So fucking much for democracy and free speach in Queensland and Cairns style!

P.S. Syd or anyone else .... if you wanna know who I am or contact me direct its not hard to follow the links mate!

P.P.S Its also well known that the hospital campaign from the Compost came right from the top to target popular local political agendas ..... sorry Syd, no Jews from Rupert this time!

Anonymous said...

KitchenSlut and Syd please watch your language and do your personal bickering elsewhere. If you really want to slag each other off then KitchenSlut identify yourself otherwise it is a one way contest. The casual observer shouldn't have to follow cryptic links to identify ones identity.

Anonymous said...

And one more thing, Syd.

You and the greenies are on the ropes now; the so-called "global warming" has now well and truly been scientifically discredited. At the United Nations. By hundreds of leading scientists.

As documented here:

Good luck on your future. Hope the concept of reality returns to you sometime in the future.

Anonymous said...

Steven & Syd,

You're both out of line. Syd in particular is obviously living in never-never land, still pushing his long-discredited hippie lefty wackjob agenda. Train service for Cairns is his latest diatribe. Syd, you need a quick lesson in economics and perhaps how to use a calculator. Posting under your "real name" doesn't exempt you from criticism, sport.

Running a blog isn't what any working Australian has in mind for being "a productive member of the community" Syd. That your flashbacks of train systems serving everyone's door and free hot meals from every restaurant in town.

And Steven just keep in mind the old axiom, you're known by the company you keep.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Outlaw,

I am very proud of the company I keep. I am very lucky..


Anonymous said...

Gee Steven, you seem awfully keen to intervene even though it isn't your blog and Syd seems to have been the one to have diverted completely from topic?

Why's that Jesus .... ummmm errr i mean Steve?

Anonymous said...

hey "conspiracies", aren't you today's shining little genius.
methinks you're way off the mark with your accusations as to who has and who may not have diverted from topic. go back and have another read and while you're at it, keep those false accusations to yourself... dickhead.

Anonymous said...

My boy is not a dickhead thankyou webcam. He is a nice boy and a keen student of conspiracy theories too just like Syd.

And what sort of a name is webcam? You aren't one of those predatory internet stalkers are you?

Anonymous said...

Ah now all is revealed perhaps?

Gavin King has a dog called Ziggy? there we have it Syd! The missing Jewish link between Gavin King and the SunKing Murdoch?

No wonder that bastard is on a career path that will propel him into the deepthroat echelons of The Elders of Zion!

It's also almost certainly why Gavin wasn't at the World Trade Centre on 9/11 and had no money invested with Bernie Madoff!

I would also like to point out that I am not the former CEO of Telstra and have nothing to do with internet censorship!

Go Nuclear for a greener world!!

Unknown said...

God guys (and maybe girls)

Can we all grow up!?!?

it was a spelling error in a auto responder ... wow!, cause its never happened before

Anonymous said...

Hey Kitchenslut,

Grow a brain and contribute to this blog intellectually or go away.