Monday 22 December 2008

Paradise Poos

Last week, I highlighted the waste water spewing from Paradise Palms, near Palm Cove.

I always knew there was something smelly about the Paradise development, however some residents have told me it's 'waste' water, that they're wasting.

"Have you noticed the smell?" they questioned. "For about three weeks now, the irrigation system for the Paradise Palms golf course, housing estates and common areas, have been sprouting foul smelling water.

Several residents of Paradise Palms have formally complained to the EPA about the situation.

The investigation has revealed that the effluent ponds on the golf course, had their aerators broken. So for about a week, residents of these estates were waking up and dry retching and gagging at night, when these sprinklers were turned on.

The relatively untreated effluent sewerage was being sprayed onto front lawns, driveways and garden beds. I'm told that the sewerage was so ripe that mushrooms were sprouting everywhere!

"The aerators are supposedly fixed but the smell is still really bad," one resident told me yesterday.

There was no warnings or notices from the property developers, Vision Group. Residents were not told that there was a problem, and there was no instructions to the gardening staff to turn off the sprinklers. I wonder if there was any warning to golfers who may have inadvertently, picked up more in their hands than their golf balls?

There are many viruses and bacteria that contaminate and survive in fecal matter that make people sick and can cause death, Hepatitis A, cholera and typhoid just to name a few.

Tom is not only wasting water, he's using waste water. Make you stink, I mean, think.

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Anonymous said...

So it's not just Council planning decisions that are on the nose at Paradise Palms.

We can smell it from the Evergreen St subdivision. Has anyone heard back from EPA on this as it is clearly a breach of the EPA Regulations relating to air and water quality, and they should be prosecuted.

Note that from 1st January,under the revised EPA regulations, this sort of complaint cannot be referred to EPA, as these powers will be devolved to Council.