Thursday 18 December 2008

Rod Davis doesn't give a toss

I bet that former Douglas Shire Councillor Rod Davis is glad that he lost his bid to be the new Division 10 representative.
Rod's sailing Panama’s Pacific Isles, in the Caribbean.
"There comes a time when one needs to take the temperature of the world, via its sphincter, armpit and under its mouth, albeit not necessarily in that order," Rod writes on his travel blog. "In god knows how many days, or months, for that matter…hell, even years. Who cares," he says. "Every grand journey starts with a single step.
Rod says who needs a postcards when you have instant uploads, downloads."
"This is deeply philosophical and spiritual site," he says of his Blog. "There are three types of people here on earth, those who are good at maths, and those who are not. Pick a location in the index, and cancel ya National Geo subscription. Welcome to the World according to Rod."
Why didn't he take Julia Leu with him? I think she deserves a good holiday after the last few months.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I think Ms. Leu could do with a break - but I also think us Cairns ratepayers can do with the break too from keeping track of & fighting all these Council boffins... not just the elected ones but moreso the ones with contracts. I reckon 2009 should be the Year of Anti-Bureaucracy. There is something very entrenched in our Council's self-feeding culture that makes simple decisions go wildly astray of what the community needs or wants, but that's a whole separate topic.
I don't know how it would go down with Rod Davis to take him on, but I reckon His Fatness, Kev Byrne could do with some like journeying, good food & yoga too. I saw Fat Kev lurking outside Beethoven's the other day - he's as fat as ever. You'd think with all his spare time after being defrocked, dechained (or whatever happens to former Mayors), he'd have managed to hit the gym & do something about his three chins & pregnant stomach. Very unattractive man - inside & out.
Whereas our Rod looks quite neat & trim & healthy for an older bloke.
Actually, Fat Kev was standing in the middle of the footpath, patting some young woman on the shoulder and in a booming voice saying "No-one will know a thing, not a thing". I kicked myself that I hadn't turned up for my latte hit a few minutes earlier. Damn, there could have been some good goss there. Then again, maybe it wasn't an important thing, but rather Fat Kev keeping his hand in at doing Dirty Done Deals.