Friday, 31 October 2008

CairnsBlog cartoon by Circusmouse


Brian W, Kewarra said...

You've crossed the line this time guys... bout time! Now, how am I meant to have breakfast with that image on my mind?

Beaches Gal, Near Palm Cove said...

It is a bit much but funny enough. I have heard the same rumours from some gay friends of mine. So as the saying goes, where there is smoke, there is usually fire. Not that I care one way or the other……..pun intended.

Paul, Edmonton said...

Where's the Cairns Post and local political humour? Oh that's right.. they have 18 year old 'reporters' !!

Funny Lads, Council Works Depot, Stratford said...

I always imagined Val as the dominant one, how wrong you can be. The tassels are a nice touch, and is that a construction hat Anna is wearing.. too funny!!!

Syd Waker said...

Do modern sado-masochists always use German accents?

These cartoons remind me of the curious phenomenon of Stalags - although I think Circusmouse's graphics are more effective.

Very black and white :-)

Anonymous said...


I have a link in my community newsletter to this site, which I believe discusses important local issues. I am concerned what people will see when they click on the link!

If you will not remove it - for goodness sake man post another story above it so it is not the first thing people see.

You are pushing the limits mike.

Warm Regards,

Rob Pyne.

Jude Johnston said...

Tacky and not funny. Sorry Guys, you need to raise the bar.

Mark said...

How old is Circusmouse? 15? Just a little bit too predictable and adolescent.
I didn't see you publishing crap like this when Byrne was Mayor. But I think we know why.

R Galbraith, Earlville said...

Robert, I have a few issues with your comments.
First, POT calling KETTLE black!
I believe you'd be a wonderful addition to my
Hypocrisy Party!

Anonymous said...

What are you about about? Is Pyney a closet lesbian?


mandy moo said...

Nothing wrong with a good belly laugh Cr Rob.
This cartoon is by far the best from Circusmouse. Maybe it will invite all sorts of discussions around the dinner table tonight, and make some local yokels realise that there is a whole world out there unexplored!
Dont be prude, embrace our fetishes!!

Anonymous said...

I have never been in favour of this sort of thing. Why are only women mocked? Remember the Amanda Byrne incident?

This is not self-mocking, which I guess is what R Galbraith is referring to (funny t-shirts). I am no prude, but this falls on the wrong side of the line by virtue of personalising the individuals in such a graphic manner.


mandy moo said...

Rob baby
You would be surprised at the percentage of our community who partake in activities like this, and who would join in with the belly laugh!
Who knows, both Val and Anna may well enjoy this lifestyle, and would have no hard feelings regarding the cartoon !!!!
Not everyone is what they seem Rob.

R Galbraith said...

Why are only women mocked Robert? I looked back at that email u sent out of big brested woman(which my wife and I found funny by the way) and it was only women!!! Surely there is a corelation... What's the Amanada Byrne incident? She was done for stealing a few hundred grand from Palm Cove property owners I recall... Anyway, you seem to miss the point.. this is all about how our Mayor is not standing up for Cairns.. and doing what Labor tell here to do. Full stop

Swinger said...

She is a lesbian too...isnt she ???

Syd Walker said...

"Don't be prude, embrace our fetishes!!" writes Mandy Moo. That sounds like a great offer Mandy. Mike has my phone mumber. Not up for a whipping, but I like (mostly) like fancy dress. One request. Can you take your helmet off?

J S, Freshwater said...

Swinger, I know that my husband must be a lesbian also, as he only sleeps with women.

captain cairns said...

Rob is right. It is in very bad taste. Have you stopped to think about how Val's son feels about this?

All those in favour of this, how would you like it if it was your own mother and another woman portrayed in a pose like this in a media outlet?

moo said...

I worked with a chap who was Dean during the week, and Miss Phillipa on the weekend! Is that the kind of fancy dress you mean ???

Paul, Edmonton said...

oh get a grip Captain Cairns.. do u know how insulting your comments are to those that partake in such activities or who actually are lesbian? It's 2008 mate.. we're not in the dark ages anymore... plus Val is a public figure and is fair game to be parodied. Finally I'd like to add, that this cartoon (in my mind) is not suggesting that Val and Anna are actually doing this .. it's mereley a metaphor for who's allowing something to be done to them.. I think others have expressed that here better than I have.

My 2 cents worth.

swinger said...

Captain Cairns
When one chooses public life, one must surely realise that all is fair game ?
If one doesnt want the media scrutiny, one chooses to stay home and bake cookies!
Nuf said !

Wish I was Val's son said...

If I was Val's son .. maybe I wouldn't judge like some do.

Fred Nile said...

Who IS Vals son anyway, didnt know she had sprogs?
Does he live here, or was he shipped off to boarding school, so he wouldnt get upset when they said nasty things about Mummy ??

The voice of Reality said...

The reality sadly is that cairnsblog is only about the self-aggrandizement of one "man", Michael Moore. When Val dissed him by not embracing him as her principal adviser, she went on the shit list along with everyone else that Michael doesn't like. Pretty much anyone successful.

Fred Nile said...

Two sides to every story Reality, and you have it arse about, mate !!
Mike stands up to be counted, do you ??
Or do you just send in nasty blogs to make yourself feel better and holier than thou ???

Syd Walker said...

Well, not really, mandy.

I'm one of those blokes who finds attractive scantily-clad women... er, attractive. We're a recognized minority, I think. It's a lifestye.

Regarding the furious debate about this latest Germanophobic offering from Circusmouse, I notice Paul from Edmonton hit the nail on the head at 8.23.

It's a metaphor.

It is intended to provoke debate, but the debate, unless I'm much mistaken, is not to do with sexual preference. It has to do with politics.

The map is not the territory.

Machans Mum said...

Shouldn't you lot be out on the town tonight.. it's Friday nite for heaven's sake! Get that strap-on and head out for a political free session!

Batman... ner ner ner ner... Batman said...

Is that the map of Tasmania you are talking about Syd.
I must say Mike, having just tuned in tonite, I find your Porn and Scorn friday, most interesting. Will it be a regular occurance ?
Anna has reasonable tits there old mate, I wonder if she can get the tassles going in opposite directions, as some very clever women can do?
Syd I dont think I want to see you in fancy dress honey, I dont think you have the legs for it.
Rob Pyne, take off those blinkers and see the world as it is mate. No woman could fail to see the joke in the cartoon. It is not offensive to the gentler sex. Its just a bloody good cartoon, and most appropriate, having put up with those no hoper Labor loonies for the last week.
Fred Nile, I thought you were dead ?
Keep the debate going, its great to see such rabid words getting everyone hot under the collar.

Mrs Nile said...

Fred is just going out with his Bible to convert the swingers, the dress up boys , Batman , and Captain Cairns.
He should be home by morning, Machans Mum.
The rest of us are too bloody tired after a big week of following the pollies, the court cases and struggling with the heat. we are all at home with a cuppa tea and a biscuit , watching the cricket.

the kitchen slut said...

It's a rare event when kitchenslut is in agreement with Syd .... hang on let me check to make sure i don't have a tinfoil hat on before i post? Nope!

It's a metaphor .... not an expose of sexuality!

A similar metaphor would be of Dennis Quick bent over a table at Villa Romana while KB dons the strap on .... i don't think either of them are gay and don't care anyway .... what happens in the army stays in the army .... but it's a relevant metaphor?

the kitchen slut said...

Who the hell is Amanda Byrne?

Obviously Rob Pyne knows and I guess we can presume he wastes ratepayers time with his head stuck in cheap tabloids as evidenced by some of his own emails?

life artist said...

Circusmouse, some technical questions on your drawings?

From her media presentation Anna Blighs clothing certainly conceals the pear shaped breasts you have depicted?

Also, having met Val on a few occasions, i just can't conceive her arse as being so femininely brawd as you have drawn her?

Am i wrong or can you provide us with some artistic insight into any rationale here?

Desley Boil said...

Reminds me of the ALP initiation test.... all those years ago.

Syd Walker said...

Suprising you imply I'm a 'conspiracy theorist' kitchenslut.

Let's take one example. You may believe, in late 2008, that there are no WMDs to be found in Iraq - and that an outrageous lie was foisted on you several years ago via a perverse conspiracy of vested interests.

I beg to differ.

There are plenty of WMDs in Iraq. If you click that link and scroll down, you'l see graphic illustrations of their use. Much nastier than anything Circusmouse has come up with, thus far.

So hang on to that tin foil hat in your kitchen - even though tin foil is not much use in the case of DU.

That's why our 'allies' use it, with such appalling regularity.

Syd Walker said...

Apologies. I stuffed up the link in my previous post. The correct link is HERE

Sweetheart said...

Quite sometime ago I asked you if you had humour
You assured me you did
So far it appears you have failed
Maybe you should try FUNNY
If you can could you head title it "This is a FUNNY one" so as I can notice the difference
Thanks Sweetheart

Fred Patterson said...


How uneducated are people in the area of literature, politics and life generally? Do they not know the meaning of ‘METAPHOUR’?

What the cartoonist (whoever he or she may be) is trying to say is that we do not need a Mayor who will not bend over and take it every time the state government makes decisions that disadvantage the people of Cairns.

People must grow up and get there mind out of the gutter. This in not porn - the message here is 100 per cent political.

Mark said...

No Fred Patterson... what is a 'metaphour' Can't even find it in the dictionary. If you mean metaphore ... yes we get the point but I wonder if it would seem so 'funny' if it were two male politicians portrayed?

Brian, Kewarra said...

Well Mark, our household always compared Waylon SMiths and Montgomery Burns to Dennis Quick and Kevin Byrnes!!!

I think that's a great idea for Circus mouse!