Thursday 16 October 2008

Quinn opens his mouth, first time in 5 years



    The original central structure of the old Cairns Yacht Club building is being prepared for
    relocation to James Cook University shortly to be used as the heart of a new master
    planned student and community facility on campus. The central structure includes the dance floor.

    The building has been inspected by James Cook University architects who are excited about the reuse of this building.
    Cairns Ports Chief Executive Officer Neil Quinn said the building has had a series of add-on structures over the years, including the rear verandah and the entrance structure.

    “These were never intended to be relocated. It was planned for these elements to be
    dismantled by the demolition contractor and reused where possible.” Mr Quinn said.
    “Work undertaken to date has revealed the building is in a terrible state of disrepair.
    Many parts of the add-on sections are unsalvageable and unrepairable. The extent of decay of these elements, particularly in the front section, was extensive. The extent of major deterioration of beams, columns and joists put the whole structure at risk.”

    A sign painted onto what was once an exterior timber wall will be retained for future display.

    The sign, which reads CAIRNS SAILING CLUB, had been covered by various layers of cladding attached over the years to the exterior of the front extension.

    “The contractor on site adjusted the work schedule to ensure careful removal of the sign
    could be carried out as requested by Cairns Yacht Club and Cairns Ports. A further sign was unsalvageable due to its poor condition,” Mr Quinn said.

    “We are now looking at options for the future display of the salvaged sign with the Cairns Yacht Club.

    “There may be opportunities to incorporate the sign, along with other components, into the Cityport Heritage Precinct. Alternatively it may be decided to display it at the new Marina Point home of the Cairns Yacht Club,” Mr Quinn said.

    Thursday 16 October 2008

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