Wednesday 15 October 2008

An open letter to Steve and Desley

Following the last three weeks of demolition of the historic Cairns Yacht Club building, we have been continually incensed at how this once grand old building is being 'preserved', 'retained' and 'relocated'.

Labor announced that it would donate $15,000 to preserve and relocate it.

We now know, from photos and intruder reports from the inside of the building, that it is simply being systematically pulled to pieces. Either Labor politicians outright lied or have not taken any interest in how it is being prepared for removal by the company contracted.

The old old hand-painted exterior wall signs, that were first uncovered less than a week ago ( "Aquatic Dance Palais" ) were today cut out with a chainsaw and thrown into the rubbish skip. This is so extremely insensitive to the historic value of this building.


The Port Authority have now escalated their arrogant action into bloody mindedness. There will be nothing of any remaining historical architectural value.

These painted wall signs were iconic of the period when they graced this once proud waterfront location. We should all feel so aggravated, aggrieved and ashamed that this is all happening under our very eyes, with the endorsement of local "representatives" Steve Wettenhall and Desley Boyle. They will both be hung, drawn and quartered at the next election, and we will all remind the voting public that this issue alone does not warrant their return to office.

Labor should have known full well Cairns Ports have no experience in dealing with historic buildings, let alone relocating them. After all, they employed a demolition company.

So far they have filled eight large rubbish skips, containing various remnants and artifacts from the building that should be carefully pulled apart by experts.

Desley and Steve, I implore you to rescue these old wall signs as mentioned above and be gracious to allow those who care to retrieve these from the site on Thursday morning.

I await your telephone call.

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Al said...

Oh God, we've got a choice between Steve and Wendy (who is 'dry' and presumably has balls) at the next election. You know what? It might just get Steve back over the line to be one of the few opposition MP's.