Monday 20 October 2008

Richardson replies to Emily

CairnsBlog commenter Emily said she is totally sick and tired of this Labour Govt.

"I would like to ask Wendy Richardson if she will actually continue listening to people if she were to get elected?" she asked in a post over the weekend.

"We have just had local elections and we all know that promises have and will again be broken. My question is will you listen to people and then act? Will you cross the floor if your electorate asks you to do it? Or will you just tow the party line as soon as elected and forget those who put you there?"

Emily hopes that whoever wins this next election, we have some good Independents or Greens who will hold the balance of power. "It is the only way Queensland has any chance of democracy, since the Parliament is a unicameral system," she says. "Remember Liz Cunningham anyone? She is the only reason that the last National Government was unable to fulfil it's plan to destroy the Daintree."

Wendy Richardson replies...
  • Emily, I guarantee you that I will stand up for the people.

    My middle name is ‘Joy’ but I sometimes think it should have been ‘Fair’. I cannot abide injustice or situations that are not fair and I will always seek to defend a situation where prejudice or ‘bullying’ tactics exist. I, like Sue, am appalled at the way this government and the Port Authority have behaved. It is not over yet! The first principle of Cityport’s plan was that it should be a cooperative planning venture between them and the Council and the people. It has moved a long way from that over the last decade.

    The whole Yacht Club issue is just one example of my stance on the people’s issues. I was well aware when I took it on in 2006 and again this year, that there were some powerful people locally in my own political arena and the community generally, who did not want me to do this, yet I persevered despite the fact that I ran a real risk of alienation over it. The battle to save it has been arduous – many, many hours writing emails and heritage applications, having meetings, endless phone calls, reading legislation, trying to get legal help … the list goes on. And all while I held down jobs and cared for family. I’m not complaining, but believe me it was not a ‘hobby’.

    It was done too because I could see the anguish people were feeling and I wanted to do my best to help them on a matter that I personally support; the preservation and promotion of our history. It was always going to be a political battle because the people forcing the loss of the building were a government and its statutory authority. I don’t see how it could have been anything else. However, I assert yet again it was not done to get me political brownie points – that was something that came out of it, but it was not my goal. I would have far rather saved the building and gotten no publicity for me, but that wasn’t possible.

    I have been asked to stand as an Independent for the next election many times by many people, and I assure you and others, I completely understand why. I understand the cynicism and bitter disappointment that everyone is feeling towards politicians generally. However, I believe there ARE good people out there who can be true representatives, independent thinkers, and stand up for their constituents while still being members of a party. These people can change party policy and culture from within if they are strong enough to persist with their arguments on behalf of the people.

    Barnaby Joyce would have to be a prime example of this.

    The benefits of being part of a party though are many, including for the electorate. Policy development is an enormous task if policies are to be thoroughly thought out and researched. Having a team who can share this load is a great advantage. Another consideration is that independents can find it very difficult to gain benefits for their electorate UNLESS they hold balance of power. Being an independent is an electoral gamble that could result in a member’s voice being drowned out, no matter how much you speak up. And I have no intention of being drowned out!

    All I can say to you Emily is that when people have asked me “Why do you want to get into this dirty game of politics, Wendy?’ I answer, ‘We can’t just leave it to the b*#@*#’s to run the country can we?’

    I believe LNP is not just a stitched together assembly of two old parties. I believe there is fresh thinking and a change for the better including in environmental and social policies. Recent announcements on LNP’s Alternative Energy and Education policies prove this to me.

    I also believe that they want strong, independently-minded representatives for the people; that they want to know what’s happening and what’s needed in the regional areas – and I intend to tell them!

    So Emily, keep speaking up – I’m listening.

    Wendy Richardson
    LNP Candidate for Barron River
    Ph 4034 2248 / Mob 0418 196 011

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