Wednesday 22 October 2008

Bye bye Villa

After a year of arguing the former mayor's favourite watering hole is about to be bought down to size.
Villa Romana's illegal external Aplin Street wall, which claimed an extra 53sq meters of public footpath along the way, was torn down yesterday.
The de-construction work being done by Col Neate, of Neater Homes and Paramount Rentals. The word on the street is that none of the commercial contractors would touch the project, so owner George ended up hiring a home builder to remove the illegal external wall.


Al said...

That 53m2 is about the area as boofhead Kev's huge frame. Now that his regular lunches have been curtailed (no money, nothing to offer), useable area in George's establishment should remain about the same

Anonymous said...

How's the demo looking now, I think you will find that it wasn't pulled down at all, but just altered so that the Cairns council can say that they've kept their election promise.
What a joke.