Thursday 16 October 2008

Boyle and Wettenhall lied to the people of Cairns

Just a few short weeks ago, local Labor members of our Parliament, Desley Boyle and Steve Wettenhall put out this statement regarding relocating and preserving the 100 year old Cairns Yacht Club building.
"We recognised that funding may be an issue, so the Member for Barron River Steve Wettenhall and I recently announced that $150,000 is available towards the relocation of the building. This means that demolition can be avoided and the old building can be saved, " so said Desley Boyle.
Well, the evidence of what has happened over the last three weeks will clearly show that they lied and have not upheld their end of the agreement.
Anyone who stood outside the old club house this morning, would have witness the building being smashed to bits.

Boyle had the audacity to say that "this means that demolition can be avoided and the old building can be saved."

Boyle didn't know what was going on, one block away from her taxpayer-funded office on Spence Street.
"Michael, I have asked Cairns Ports to make a statement this afternoon with photos showing which bits of the core can be saved," she told me today. "I understand that the additions at the edges have been found to have wet rot and termite damage."
This was another lie. The weatherboard painted signs, discovered just a week ago, were fine, and were photographed and should have been kept for the restoration.
No attempt was made to salvage anything over the last three weeks. The old building is gone and has not been saved as Boyle and Wettenhall promised. They have both officially lied to the Cairns community. They have not monitored what has happened, even though they knew this was one almighty sensitive issue that the community was emotional involved in.

Cairns Ports is answerable to no one. It seems they just do what they like when Boyle is running this town. What an outright disgrace she's turned out to be when the people came calling for her help. Even in the last few days, she's been nothing back a arrogant defiant corporate suck up.
This act of utter vandalism lies on the doorstep on a government out of control and in total disconnection from the people.
And where was Val Schier, our new Mayor who campaigned for nearly a year before getting elected on the ticket of heritage preservation after she was sick of the 'big end of town' running this place. What a massive disappointment. Everyone of her former Cairns 1st team, bar young Kirsten Lesina, showed up to the site and protested. Val may not have been able to save this important piece of heritage, but she was rather silent on this, in compliance with the Labor Concentration Camp.
Val, you will forever be remembered to be forgotten, come the next election.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for them to start building 'Desley's Disaster' on a place that once could be accessed by all (not just the wealthy) residents of Cairns.
By the way, why does this 'Quickie' character get so much time in this blog?
Surely we have enough idiots in this village- myself included - but at least I don't take up as much space..

Anonymous said...

Because, Quickie, like KB has an ego bigger than 'Gods's Undies,' and can never give up their power!