Wednesday 29 October 2008

Seen, but not heard

They came in their bus loads.
Few pollys came down from their big fat buffet luncheon to see or talk with those protesting.
Police barred anyone protesting or holding placards from up on the Convention Centre sidewalks. They were railroaded across the road, alongside a carpark.
Springborg finally swanned down looking like he'd just been allowed out to play, but failed to address the gathering. He was as silent as he was on the Yacht Club demolition, and appeared to be disinterested and disconnected. Hardly the opposition we are all crying out for right now.
Wendy Richardson and her Cairns LNP counterpart, Joel Harrop, who has pushed ABC's Liam Fox off the Metrosexual Thermometer, both addressed the crowd to say that they are the alternative voice for our region.
Various groups from Barry Neal of Residents Against Crime, Fiona Tulip of the Combined Beaches Residents Association; 20 of our city Ambos; the former City Councillor Annette Shephard of the Anti-Fluoride lobby, and a bunch of non-rate paying residents from the old Douglas Shire all preached to the converted.
And if one more Cairns Post report refers to this as an "historic" Parliamentary sitting, I'll throw up. The only 'historic thing is the way so many disparate and diverse groups are feeling so aggrieved and disenchanted with almost every political party right now.
More photos later today.


Bill Kilvert said...

Bill Kilvert.

It was pleasing to see former CCC councillor, Annette Sheppard speaking out against fluoride. Annette was one of the 12 former councillors who voted at Council 3 years ago, to ban fluoride in the Cairns water supply.

Around the same time, not one council in the whole of Queensland voted for fluoridation. And all ALP parliamentarians voted against mandating fluoridation. - It didn't take long for the Bligh Government to do a complete back-flip to force people to drink the poison.

Anonymous said...

I am not so sure Springborg is being silent, Michael. He has questioned the disgusting 'Joh-like' tactocs of this government as theABC reports:

"The Queensland Opposition has questioned the use of police officers to block protesting firefighters from entering Parliament in Cairns.

About 30 firefighters came to Parliament to protest about their pay and conditions.

The Speaker ruled they could not enter because they would disrupt proceedings and police guarded the doors."

Anonymous said...

Well, I just witnessed Anna Bligh try and exploit the situation of deaf persons at parliament. Then I saw an LNP member, not sure of his name???, then REALLY make a point. Shame on this Premier and good on that young LNP member!

Anonymous said...

That was David Gibson, Cairns Doc.

He's a wonderful Member (Gympie) and is the LNP Shadow Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Clean Energy Strategy.

Both his parents are deaf and as such, he did his maiden speech both aloud and in AUSLAN.

Anonymous said...

I went down to the Snake Pit this evening to watch Question Time, for research and to seek inspiration for future cartoons. It was hilarious! Those guys should have their own TV show. It was thoroughly entertaining, if somewhat meaningless. Herr Schier had a front row seat (the rest of the council members that I recognised were well back) and she couldn't take her eyes off Anna.This week's cartoon will show the REAL reason Anna brought the circus to town.

Anonymous said...

Well this is almost it for me. I've almost lost faith in democracy after this government. I love reading this blog but I just think QLD needs to remove a government that gets away with more than Joh's! I hope some balance is restored again at the next election but until then I'll keep plugging along.

Anonymous said...

Seen at Paradise Palms Golf Course yesterday were a number of Limos parked with drivers plus one Holden Statesman minus Flag on bonnet with sign on dashboard advising Police Vehicle parked on Police Business. I don't think Tom Hedley was on the Golf Course so wonder if any readers of the Blog have an idea who could have been utilising these vehicles?