Monday, 13 October 2008

Uncovered, for the first time in 64 years


Kerry Riella said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again........."Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do". (Luke 23:34)....or do they the bastards?

God help the Qld Labor State Government. They and the then Cairns City Council, led by big fat Mayor Kevin Byrne, Tourism Tropical North Queensland and The Hilton Hotel, can all rot in hell, along with the other objector to the Cairns Yacht Club's registration on the State Heritage List, namely ADVANCE CAIRNS. (Advance Cairns is a quango set up by Kevin Byrne and the then CEO of the Port Authority Brad Geatches, go figure)!

Let us NEVER forget that it was in fact listed on the STATE Heritage register, if not for the above 5 objectors, we would not have the fight on our hands that we do today. Oh and the gutless Yacht Club fraternity itself, put the final nail in the coffin of the Yachtie, or as we see in the above photo the "Aquatic Dance Palais", what a noble name for a noble building. May she Rest In Peace, wherever she ends up, and in whatever condition. We all owe her that!

Kerry Riella

Mark of Mooroobool said...


Ray Taylor said...

Ray Taylor said...
Why wait for an election. Deseley Boyle et al should resign now.Leave town.Bugger off.their complete lack of understanding of what this old place is all about shows a level of ignorance and arrogance that is absolutely sickening.All demolishion must be stopped now and the place saved. 11,000signatures indicate that this is the will of the people.

Quickie said...

"11,000 signatures indicate that this is the will of the people."
No no no ... sorry, Ray.
Only 8000 sigs were locals and that represents only 6% of the population.
As CYC Commodore Ferguson, in tomorrow's paper will say ... the heart and soul of the club is it's members, and it's memorabilia.
And that soul and memorabilia has moved on to the club's new home ... care of our benevolent Qld State Govt.
All that's left down the road is a rotting termite ridden timber carcass, bereft of soul or spirit.
Let the wreaking ball swing freely, let it swing.
Time to let go and move on.

Jude Johnston said...

Quickie, You are not on the same page as 11,000, in fact, not even in the same library.
I guess you are one of those who move house every couple of years, emptying their lives into a skip everytime, in the expectation of evenutally ending up in a Retirement Village. I suppose you look at the Pyramids as a pile of rocks, or believe the Leaning Tower of Pisa should've been left to fall.

Quickie said...

Jude ... are you comparing that old rotting timber shed with the Egyptian Pyramids and the Leaning Tower of Pisa ???
Next thing you will be imagining that Michelangelo painted the ceiling !!!
My god, you lot have amazing illusionary imaginations.

Kerry Riella said...

Just how do you know what will be appearing in "tomorrow's paper" at 8:44 p.m., just who's pockets are you pissing into now? You definately should not be commenting on "soul", "spirit", or "heart", you wouldn't know what they were if it bit you on the arse!

Kerry Riella

Mrs Bear said...

Here we are all these years later and Cloudland is still spoken of, this was our cloudland. As for the memorabilia dont be so sure it was all relocated as photos have been seen dumped in the mud and what appears to be trophys in the skip.

Jude Johnston said...

Nope Quickie, the Illusionists are the Cairns Port Authority, State Govt, CRC and others who used smoke and mirrors to remove the Heritage Listing. But I do have great imagination, it allows me to see past rotting walls and see only memories, the memories that create a soul.
Wouldn't swap my imagination for all the penthouses in Cairns.
"And after the rain, there's a rainbow and all the colours are black, its not that the colours aren't there, it's just imagination we lack, in my little town". Paul Simon.

Kerry Riella said...

Quickie, How's your petition going? Got your 20,000 signatures yet? Not so easy is it? Bet you haven't even bothered with it....... all piss and wind you are Quickie, all piss and wind. Don't forget you'll have to ask EVERY person in Cairns for their opinion, otherwise it won't live up to your high standard of mathematical genius in working out percentages i.e. who did and who did not want the Cairns Yacht Club Building to stay put.

Quickie said...

Be honest you lot ... you're more against what's going in place of that old derelict, rotten, rat and termite infested, rust bucket tin shed ... than the shed itself.
You cannot cope with another architect designed beautiful high-rise masterpiece that will be home to many highly taxed ratepayers.
Apart from Bob Rendle, Ray Taylor and Rob,(where's a free place to blow my trumpet), Williams, I have never seen the likes of Brian Law, the Spackman, Kerry & Jude & Di & Wendy frequent the club during the last 18 years.
Mind you, I never went to "Grab a Granny" nights ... hahaha.

Kerry Riella said...

Quickie you are indeed an idiot. I have been frequenting the Cairns Yacht Club for the past eleven years. I have photo's of most of our son's birthday's that were spent there, I have photo's of a few Fathers Day's where we used to moore out tinnie up to the then wharf that was out the front, I have photo's of a wake that I helped organise to be there. Pretty bloody lucky I have never seen you there Quickie or I would have personally poured some of that illegal poison that was in the bar fridge right down your pathetic throat to shut you up. Mr Jamieson can attest to how often I used to frequent the place, so could Gordon Raleigh. I should even dig out my social membership, you are indeed a wanker Quickie, get back on your bike and piss off back to Townsville.

Quickie said...

Calm down Kerry !!!
Don't be so abusive ... you diminish your credibility.

So you know Jammo (Southern Hustler) and Gordo (Sundowner), do you?

OK ... post above is amended ... "Jude & Di & Wendy"

Jan said...

So if we want to preserve our history and heritage we have to spend lots of time in the building, do we? If I want the Colosseum preserved, I had to have sacrificed Christians in it? What a stupid line of 'logic'. And if we'd all spent every night in the building, this would have made a difference? What killed this building is the almighty dollar and some very unethical practices by a bunch of politicians and bureaucrats who care more for those $$s than for people. Not who used it and didn't.

Quickie said...

If more of you so called "history preservers" had spent some $$$ as members or in there over the last 20 years, then there may have been a chance to freehold the lease.
But no ...
Now out of the woodwork you come ... "rent a crowd" with your latest protest, but as usual ... unorganised and too late.

It was the members, through their committee 5 years ago, that fought for heritage listing.

And it was the members, through their committee, that accepted reality and have moved on.

The soul is still there with the memorabilia, in a new club house, 500 metres downstream.

Go have a look ... and sign up a $25 social membership with Commodore Ferguson.

I bet you don't ...

Anonymous said...

Quickie, that’s a bet I’d lose. In fact it’s not a bet I’d even be interested in making. I’m not a sailor, nor am I a social butterfly.

You call me a “history preserver”. I call myself a “democracy activist” – on this occasion in the service of history preservers like Ray, Jeannie, Rob, Bob, Wazza and the Fourmiles. How do we make an arrogant and out of touch government listen?

I suspect that what really pisses you off about our protest actions is not that we are disorganised.... but that we are, in fact, much better organised than you and your pals. All you can do is stick up bravely for quietude and the status quo. Boring as batshit, my brother.

Di Forsyth got overcome her fears, listen to her deepest instincts, accept risk and stand up (get up on a roof) for the people who made her a Cairns Regional Councillor. Isn’t that what a democracy is all about?

Di, Terry, Sharon, and John have all been arrested and charged this past week. And me. Every one of us achieved exactly the goal we set out for. Photo journalism, video journalism, print, radio, blogs and good old fashioned discussion put the Yacht Club issue all around the state, and particularly here in Cairns and Districts where four Labor MLAs have their seats at risk.

I hesitate to ask but how was your week? You pathetic old curmudgeon.

Jude Johnston said...

I never saw you there Quickie, the times that I visited but I didn't know who I should be looking for.

Rob Williams said...

Quickie, by your own admission you never frequented the CYC. If you had I would know because I played there for 4 years, every week straight. By the way, I never play for gratis. I even sailed on WAGS days and didn't see you out there either. I can tell by your maniacal laughter that you indeed have a screw loose. The other point you completely miss is that this whole saga was never about the Cairns Yacht Club Inc. It was about preserving a building that had significant Heritage value and the history of Cairns that went with it. Some of the paraphernalia belonging to the CYC has been moved to the 60 sm block house that pretends to be the $6 million Cairns Yacht Club, who knows where the rest of it went because it certainly won't fit in the out house they have now. The crunch will come when the young sailors try to manoeuvre out of the Mariner into the path of a wave piercer.

he who knows said...

Quickie is Dennis and Robyn Quick, KBs true lovers, as much as they deny it. Anyone who has dealt with them will recognise the smart-arse style, and words used. They used to post as 'Factman'. Just read Dennis Quicks blog for proof. Although Dennis will crap on that it isn't him, sometimes it is Robyn Quick. Thats the truth.

Jude Johnston said...

I took your advice Quickie, went for a walk to look at the new CYC Club Room, saw the memorabilia on the floor, and there is no "soul" there, it went in a Faustian Deal.

Quickie said...

Jude ... I thank you for making the effort.

Tonight Commodore Ferguson showed me the new glass shelving (installed today) with the trophys displayed proudly on them.
He showed me where the display boards with past Commodores, Life members and cup winners were to be mounted.
He showed me the new "wet-bar" for the exclusive use of CYC members.
He showed me the new launching ramp and CYC private jetty.
He showed me the new storage facilities for small yachts.
He showed me the shower and toilet facilities for the exclusive use of the CYC members.
And he showed me the new car park (presently under construction) for the exclusive use of CYC members.

And I thought, thank god we have a past and present commodore that did the best thing for the sailors and their supporting members.

Well done Dave Kelly and Warner Ferguson ... the members salute you.

God knows what would have happened to sailing in Cairns without your foresight.

Well done again.

After all ... it is a sailing club, nothing more, nothing less.