Friday 10 October 2008

Cattalini just thunk

As much as I applaud what Yorkeys grandfather Barry Neall of his Residents Against Crime and the Post's Just Think campaigns are all about, you really need to wonder how effective they are.
When none other than Taipans captain Martin Cattalini gets nabbed in the wee hours of last Saturday morning, blowing more than twice the legal alcohol limit, you gotta wonder why he put his hand up for such a campaign in the first place.
The 'he's only human' line doesn't cut it this time. You see, Cattalini was caught in the back streets of Portsmith, which means he was sneaking home the back way. Therefore, he knew what he was doing.
34-year-old Catalini was kicked from the team for one game. That's right, one game! He will also see a judge next week.
“I wish to make a public apology to the community, our sponsors, members, my club and fellow players for my behaviour at the weekend,” he told the Cairns Post.
Ironically, Captian Cattalini is part of Cairns Post’s Just Think campaign, that promotes, among other things, watching your drinking and it's consequences.
“I in no way condone drink- driving and fully accept my punishment,” Cattalini said. He says he is grateful police nabbed him drink-driving when they did. Well, this is a bit rich, as he grabbed for some tiny bit of credibility.

Tiapans manager Dennis Keeffe needs to fire this guy and cost him his cushy job that pays extremely well. This is a clear breach of his code of conduct. Rashad Tucker was booted last year for what many believed was a sexual mis-conducted complaint.
I reckon the only guy with any class about him, is Nathan Jarwai, however he's gone to the US to play in the NBA.

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Anonymous said...

Rashad Tucker was a hottie. I heard it wasn't only his pay packet that was big! Maybe that's why he was pushed??