Sunday 26 October 2008

Voice of the people - Tuesday 28th October

This Tuesday is going to be a big wake up call for Desley, Steve, Warren and Jason. Oh, and let's not forget Anna.

You see, it's their Party, and they can cry if they want to.

When the State Parliament sits in Cairns this week, a number of groups are planning to take their respective messages to the Cairns Convention Centre, which will house the State Parliament sitting for two days. This show, however, will have a few more dicks than when Puppetry of the Penis graced this entertainment venue.

'Say no to the Concrete Coast' is being co-ordinated by Cafnec, and they will be joined by the Friends of Douglas Shire, who are organising buses to ferry a large contingent to protest amalgamation with Cairns City Council, and those involved in the fight to save the historic Cairns Yacht Club will also amass their followers.

Co-ordinator of the group to stop the destruction of the Cairns Yacht Club building, Wendy Richardson, who is the Barron River LNP candidate says that this is going to be a peaceful assembly which will demonstrate concern. "I encourage people to bring placards with their messages," she says. "If you want to tell our State Government politicians that you want and expect to be heard, this is the rally to attend."

Representatives from both the Government and Opposition will address the rally and several concerned community groups have been invited to speak.

A flyer has been produced (see right) with a ‘comments’ section at the bottom. This is for anyone to voice concern or write a question. These will be collected at the rally and passed onto the relevant parliamentarians.

Ray Taylor of Little Mulgrave hopes that the coming visit by the Queensland Parliament will provide a unique opportunity for the 'opposition', to challenge the Bligh Government’s total disregard and arrogance on a number of local issues raised by community groups.

"A good starting point would be the issue of the much loved, eighty eight year old, Cairns Yacht Club house, now destroyed," Taylor says. "Furthermore, the question should be raised as to why, the State Government caved in to a Petition of a mere 3000 signatures apposing a $1.7 billion project in Brisbane, when 11,000 signatures to save this old place, here in Cairns, with a population less than 5% of that of Brisbane, is totally rejected."

He is critical of the way protesters were treated with the arm of the law. "Why is it that good honest citizens have to risk fines, imprisonment, their very reputations, in order to see justice done? It must be understood that many of us, here in Far North Queensland see the destruction of this old place as a criminal act and therefore believe it is the perpetrators who should be facing the courts, not good honest citizens."

Ray Taylor says that, when it comes to Far North Queensland issues, the system is just not working.

No doubt there will be a big turnout of protesters and police at the Cairns Convention Centre on Tuesday.

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