Sunday 5 October 2008

Thoughts of what could have been

Peter Zabski attended last weekend's rally at ANZAC Park to save the Cairns Yacht Club building. He shares with us his thoughts on the debacle and that of the callous local and State politicians.
  • Today I am sitting in the Cairns Yacht Club Building overlooking the low tide across the inlet. I look over the building and think, what if the building had a voice? What would it say?

    "I’ve been here longer than any one of you who live here. I’ve seen so many of you come and go, some have stayed. I’ve seen the city change so much, and especially noticed the very tall structures all around, pressing in on me.

    I still remember how difficult it was for the craftsmen and builders who put me together from the finest rainforest timbers. In 1920 when I was very young, my metal was surely tested! Thanks to my deep anchoring supports, I survived nature’s fury. In 2000 I weathered Cyclone Stephen sustaining only superficial damage.

    I’m hearing decisions are being made to remove me; I’m told I only have 5 weeks left before I’ll be stripped. I don’t know what I’ve done that I should be treated this way! I’ve always kept my doors open to you all. I cannot come to terms that I won’t be with you much longer.

    Now is a good time to say my goodbyes. Thank you to all who built me – I was an eye-catcher back then! To the club members who in five months resurrected me in February 1920 when I didn’t think I’d pull through – I’m eternally grateful – thank you so much.

    Thank you to all the patrons when I was the Cairns Aquatic Club – they were the best times of my life!

    I’m leaving you all with a broken heart, because I’ve really loved what joy you’ve given me and all the fun we’ve had. Nothing can replace that. And to those job it is to take me down, please be careful. Goodbye all."

NB: This was sent to the Cairns Post over a week ago, however it has not been published. I think it’s worth sharing with everyone.

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