Wednesday 15 October 2008

Last stand

Cairns residents will make a last stand tomorrow against the demolition of the historic Cairns waterfront Aquatic Dance Palais and Cairns Sailing clubhouse.

Today Cairns Ports, along with Anton Demolitions, removed the roof trusses from the beautiful old building, and laid them on a low loader for transport to James Cook University. As part of the preparation the 'Aquatic Dance Palais' sign was cut off the front wall of the building and dumped in a rubbish skip.

Tomorrow Cairns Ports and Anton's will cut the remaining hall into two parts and load them onto the loader.

Anyone interested in making a last stand about this grotesque travesty of town planning is invited to assemble on the footpath outside the Casino from 8.30 am.

Come to witness. Come to tell stories. Come to howl. Come to Act.

We will be taking direct action, and invite others to join us, or to take actions of their own design. We have the morning available to trespass on the site and stop work and/or to impede the egress of the loaded truck from the site.

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