Monday 20 October 2008

Restful weekend

Well, I had a rather restful weekend, away from historic roofs and serial activists.

I did some law-abiding gardening and work around the property. Long overdue.

I have a list of pre-wet-season things to do, however my tasks pails into insignificance when you look at what Council has to deal with at False Cape in the next three weeks.

Then there's Foley Road up near Palm Cove. What a disgrace that place is, yet Council's mud police couldn't see a thing wrong when they went for a drive by in the air con inspection vehicles. I think they have a sediment trap outside the door of the planning department.

Terry Spackman and I have our Blog camera pointed at some other environmental time bombs for all to see.

If you spot some dodgy development in your neighbourhood, drop me a line and this new Citizen's Watch army will allow everyone to see what's going on.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Grapevine news is that EPA have told Council that Foley Road is their domain ie. monitoring and compliance issue.

Once again, buck stops with CRC, after being neatly deflected by this State Govt department.

Bottom line - is anyone doing anything?

Nope is the correct answer! Status Quo!