Thursday 30 October 2008


It's been a busy week for me, so apologies for less blogging.

With the State Government in town, and so many drinkies to hob knob off to, however there's a lot to share.

I had a session with Mayor Schier in her private chambers on Wednesday. It was a rather interesting chat, to say the least. This was the first formal interaction we've had since a telephone call we had two days after her March election win. Gotta say, I wish I had worn my surgical gloves before the chinwag.

I also had the delight to talk with various mobs protesting outside the Parliamentary sitting. Very few pollys bothered to engage and talk with them. In fact, as we know the Fire Service were banned from entering the building. Even Springbored [sic] hardly defended their right.

I also had a good natter with Telstra's Wally Donaldson about his plans to put up another mobile data receiver at Clifton Beach, which got voted down by Council today. I'll share more on this separately as the two sides of this debate need a good airing.

And today, the new lad on the block who is challenging Desley Boyle for her luke-warm seat, LNP's new wonder boy Joel Harrop, bribed me with a Mocha at the Corporate Tower coffee shop. The only thing in common with Kevin Byrne, whom many thought would be running, is his army background. However, Joel needs to get at least three defamation cases under his belt to match KB.

This morning I went to the Cairns Courthouse to support Cairns Regional Councillor Di Forsyth's appearance on her trespass charge of the Yacht Club building three weeks ago. Dianne is a rare politician who stood up to be counted. Fellow Councillor Robert Pyne was also there to share some words of support about democracy in our fair city.

Hopefully, sometime Friday, former Val love child, Councillor Julia Leu and I are hoping to sneak off for a catch up. She's really been the surprise in this new Regional Council. I'm sure most locals north of Cairns are delighted Julia is representing the good folk of the Douglas Shire.

Oh, and look out for tomorrow's regular Friday cartoon by Circusmouse. It's a shocker.

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