Wednesday 14 November 2007

Dear Michael

  • I’m a candidate for Leichhardt and a friend of mine has emailed me about not being on your site.

    I thought I’d email the following brief blurb to you as it outlines my perspective on the ills of Governance.

  • Tony Hudson

    Age 44
    Married with one child
    Occupation : Cab Driver
    Lived in Cairns since 1975

    Platform :

    The corruption of the political process in Australia is the root cause behind the affliction
    of Australians forced to queue in ambulances because there aren’t enough hospital beds.
    And similar contempt for the people was openly displayed over Council amalgamations.

    Politicians are out of control because we’ve neglected our Constitutional responsibilities.
    We’ve turned our backs on our Constitution and lost control of our own representatives.
    Health, Iraq, and the foot dragging on climate change are the symptoms of our failures.
    It is time to stop blaming our gutless politicians and time to start looking at ourselves!

    How could we have failed to stand and defend our Constitution when High Court
    Justice Ian Callinan said his own Court was conspiring to sabotage and subvert it?

    Facing these questions and our Constitutional responsibilities will lead us to cut the
    tentacles of corruption that big business has tightly wrapped around our politicians.
    Then our hospitals will be funded, climate change addressed and the Iraq war ended.

    Tony Hudson
  • Ph 0402 117 513


Anonymous said...

I can't bring myself to vote for someone that uses the word "blurb". And given the poor state of taxi service in Cairns, I won't be voting for any taxi drivers, either.

Anonymous said...

Every one would agree with Tony's comments
Australians have became too complacent
no one thinks for themselves any more we just go along with the mainstream media.or bury our collective heads in the sand
our history shows we once stood up for our rights this can happen again wake up Australia

Anonymous said...

to only serious candidates
So all cab drivers are to blame for the fact that we have only one cab service with no competion therefore not the best service
And people with small minds like your's in our democratic society can vote.Get a life!

Anonymous said...

Another, wanker, arm-chair critic - who cannot even make a succesful life for himself, how can he make the country successful?

Anonymous said...

According to the academic experts, Australians have "disengaged from community and political discussion."
We're ripe and ready for a dictatorship, just like the Americans.
Witness the public's passivity and ignorance over the David Hicks case.
How many Australians expressed outrage over this most basic travesty of justice? How many Australians realised one of the most cherished values of democracy had been thrown out the window?
Answer - they didn't know and they didn't care.

Anonymous said...

Womens conversation topics today:

1. Weight and dieting
2. Food and restaurants
3. Oneself...I, me, my
4. TV programs ie Australian Idol
5. .Shopping/shops

Mens conversation topics today:

1. Weight and dieting
2. Booze and restaurants
3. Oneself...I, me, my
4. TV sport
5. DVDs

What a bunch of fat, over indulgent, soft, limp wristed, narcissistic, mentally dull, boring
maggots Australians have become.

You rarely come across anyone who can discuss a political or social issue beyond parroting back some phrase or slogan. "Some of 'em go tooooooooooooooooo far!"

How easy it has been for John Howard to manipulate Aussies. That is the horror of it has been all too easy.

Anonymous said...

great posts, especially last one. And wot is the story with taxis in Kanz!??