Monday 19 November 2007

What our candidates say... Greens

Here's the Greens Federal candidate, Dr Sue Cory's response to our questions...

1. What are your top 3 priorities for Leichhardt?

Priorities are..
1. Climate change and increased energy efficiency.
2. Health- increase funding to community centres, aged care, palliative care, free dental care for low income earners.
3. Restrict coastal developments- as sea level rises, cyclones and storms, we need to plan effectively.

2. Are workers adequately protected under current law?

No, under workchoices, workers rights are not protected.

3. Is the balance of environment and development issues in the electorate of concern to your party?

Yes- of course, The CCC has 9/12 pro development councillors who do not care about the environment. Low cost public housing is pushed out to suburbia, and future development and planning needs to consider the environmental impact, climate change.

4. Would you work the relationship with Cairns City Council differently?

I will actively campaign to replace our council to a more Greener council. We need to get rid of our Mayor, and get Val Schier in.

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Anonymous said...

I imagine the Greens will poll quite well on Saturday. However, if Aussies want a real change of Government, it has to be Labor.