Friday 23 November 2007

Dogs killed, tasers fail

NineMSN reports that a Perth woman was mauled by two Bull Mastiffs.

They were tasered, which didn't appear to work, so they were shot dead, one five times.

Police seems to have a fascination with these new implements of the new world order.

Canadian Police recently contributed towards the death of a man with tasers. This followed graphic footage in the US when a student questioned John Kerry at a University rally.

Frenzied dogs can be impervious to Tasers


Anonymous said...

yes your right Mr Moore. Bloody fascist police tazering dogs. where has the dialogue gone, surely reason is more applicable in this crazy world rather than reaching for the tazer gun.

Rabid dogs have feelings too, surely someone could have reached out to the gentle poodle inside, and not just seen the foaming at the mouth bulldog on the outside.

Hopefully under the Rudd government we won’t be so quick to judge…..

Anonymous said...

So many dog attacks. What the hell do people have bull mastiffs for anyway? Weren't they banned?