Wednesday 21 November 2007

What our candidates say... Common Sense

Damian Byrnes is representing the Common Sense Party.

1. What are your top 3 priorities for Leichhardt?

(i) I will work tirelessly to fix the Far North Aged care beds crisis. In 2010, we will have the worst Aged care beds situation, in the whole Nation. This is because of government neglect the last 3 years. If elected, I guarantee we will have 326 new aged care bed places approved by the end of 2008. This will enable us to reach the National aged care benchmark, by 2011 (when it is meant to be achieved). Last year we had 10 aged care beds approved (of 90 allocated).

(ii) All homeowners can claim their mortgage payments as a tax deduction. This will address the housing affordability crisis, and put the homeowner on a level playing field with investors.

(iii) Sign the Kyoto protocol, promote renewable energy, and join the world community in addressing climate change.

2. Are workers adequately protected under current law?

No, the balance of power has swung and is now in the hands of the employer. The government needs to protect the workers on the first 300,000 AWA's, and allow the fairness test to apply to them also. At present they do not have the same rights as the general population.

3. Is the balance of environment and development issues in the electorate of concern to your party?

This will always be an issue in Leichhardt. Our representatives need to ensure all developments compliment and care for our habitat.

4. Would you work the relationship with Cairns City Council differently?

I would like to see all Cairns City Council meetings open to the public. I would like to see more transparency and accountability.


Anonymous said...

this guy is actually the best candidate, and only sane, non-vain one, but that's only my opinion and I have a bottom where my face should be.

Anonymous said...

Where would you direct your preferences Damian?

Anonymous said...

This is the sort of fella who should join a mainstream political party if he is fair dinkum in contributing something to his country. He has a far better chance of seeing his ideas presented at a national conference, written into official policy and implemented, than being a "lone ranger".
Unfortunately Australians today don't see joining a political party as "kewwwwwl" thus many excellent ideas are lost forever, particularly when the individual concerned becomes cynical and bitter because "no-one is listening". Sad.