Thursday 1 November 2007

Our own Zorba the Greek

After that post, we all need a good laugh.


therapeuter said...

Pretty hilarious video to start off the Halloween day. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

In your dreams honey, he hasnt even started on the mayor yet !!

Anonymous said...

To the extremely witty poster called "Moore Silence by Mayor at Last! said..."
While there are knobheads like you around good will always be there to conquer evil; Democracy will always have a voice(etc). The power of the internet will prevail.

Anonymous said...

Cute, clever and entertaining .. thanks. And far more culturally and intellectually advanced than the above "moore silence etc" poster.

You get a "d".

And while I'm at it shit for brains, it's probably best, as you suggest, that you don't visit this blog anymore as you obviously don't quite fit the demographic,

I'm sure that Mr Moore will send the "cow" back to you safe and un-ered.

Anonymous said...

moore silence

Your command of the English language is very similar to that of Cr Peabrain err Freebrain err something like that - are you related?

Anonymous said...