Monday 8 October 2007

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In response to a number of requests, today we set up a fighting fund bank account. This is for those that would like to contribute to fight the defamation action bought against this Blog by the Mayor of Cairns.

The Friends of Cairns Blog agreed at a meeting on the weekend to raise the necessary funds to support our right to question freely and openly, our local government. This is our fundamental right as residents and ratepayers.

We strongly contest that we have not defamed the Mayor, nor his Council. We have however, repeatedly questioned the use of our ratepayer's funds. Long may we all enjoy that right in a democratic society, as many in China don't.

Elected public officials should be robust enough to allow and engage in debate in areas that the public have a right to question, without fear of prosecution.

Just think about how preposterous this is. Our Mayor is using your rates to pay a Council-funded lawyer to contest our right to question the use of our rates? It's that bizarre or what?

Therefore, we have engaged a local defamation lawyer, and this will of course cost money.

We welcome any contribution, no matter what amount you can spare. All contributions will be receipted, if you wish, and recorded. Please email your electronic receipt of any deposits. Supply a postal address, if you require a hard copy receipt.

Cheques can be posted to: CairnsBlog, PO Box 7262, Cairns, QLD 4870. You can also deposit at any Commonwealth Bank branch:-

  • Cairns 76 Lake Street
    Westcourt 267 Mulgrave Road
    Earlville 473-475 Mulgrave Road
    Smithfield Shopping Centre, Cnr Kennedy & Cook Highways
    Mareeba 161 Byrnes Street
    Port Douglas Pandanus Plaza, Cnr Macrossan & Grant Streets

To maintain transparency, we have opened a Society Account and there are 5 signatories to the account, and at least two are required to authorise any payment.


Anonymous said...

Great thing about you useless lefties - is that none of you have really amounted to anything, and thus have no money.

Obviously, the writers of this blog are broke (or have little confidence) otherwise why ask for the paltry sum of 2k as a fighting fund? Put it up yourself.

Can't even come up with 2K - what a laugh.

Mark Lewis

Anonymous said...

I thought my donation was for a "fighting fund"! Instead you lay down and take it, issuing apology after apology like some cheap whore.

Thanks, Mike! 4 nuthin'!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with apologising when one makes a mistake. On'ya Mike.

Defamation law is the tool of bullies to censor others. There are ways that independent bloggers like Mike can protect themselves, and I expect Mike will avail himself of them in future.

Far worse, in my view, are the so-called progressives like (anonymous) who cave at the first lawyer's letter, or even worse censor themselves to avoid lawyer's letters.

I'm looking forward to the local election, where I'll share my opinion of Kevin Byrne and his gang of retarded thugs (Hi Terry) in as public a way as possible.

Anonymous said...


I will be forwarding a link to your reply to various handicap associations - to draw attention to your derogatory use of the word 'retarded'. Seems your true character is starting to show through.

Cairns Post will also be interested, I'm sure. Mr. so called Peace by Peace Christian.

Best regards
Mark Lewis

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhh, all these threats. "I'm gunna tell the Cairns Post on you!!!"
"I'm gunna tell the Mayor on you!"
How bloody boring. Yawwwwwwwwwwwwn.

What do I think of the current city council?
I went into the city for the first time in years the other day. I was shocked. For a moment I thought I was in Malaysia somewhere. I saw a dirty city centre, with filthy streets, grimy walls and pavements. Every second or third shop is an Asian "tourist" shop. Any vestige of an Australian Northern city is gone. Scaffoldings and buildings in progress are everywhere.
Being on crutches, it was like climbing Mt. Everest to traverse the block.
Most of the familiar landmarks are gone. Thank Christ for Lionel Van Dorrsens tobacconist shop, still on the same ole same ole corner, otherwise I would not have recognised the main drag of Cairns city.
Are the Councillors happy with what they have done to Cairns?

Anonymous said...

anonymous above, you're a shit stirrer. "Cities that do not change, die." Frankly, the city centre of Cairns is dirty, sleazy looking, and full of vacant shop spaces.
Maybe a good video sweep of the city centre could be used in the coming council election campaign.
Hopefully Val's team will be able to revitalise the city centre and make it a lively, pleasant spot for families to visit at night.

As it is now, the city centre looks like a great place for rats to crawl away to and die.
I'm disgusted.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, rats. The city centre and the esplanade are full of rattus rattus. Get your video cameras down there someone.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Given the previous comment was not posted I will try again.

The fact that droves of people are moving to cairns proves that the city is an attractive place to live. Compare this growth with South Johnston?

As for rats, the only place these can be found are under the hairy armpits of that local troll, val.

Now, my dear bottom feeder, I recognise your frustration (driven mainly by your ill calculated opinin of yourself), but please, time to stop and return to your 1 bedroom, rented shit hole - fill in your dole form, and accept your position in society as a dreg and a no hoper.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ann Onya Mouse, I love the way your prejudices hang out all over your text to remind us why most of us are glad to leave the 1950s safely in the past.

“Hairy Armpits” clearly signifies the time when women’s bodies were found objectionable by those emotionally retarded white men, in denial of their own animal nature, who were keen to force everybody else into the sterile pitiless concepts of a master race. You must be very close to Councillor Freebody from the Unity without Sex Party.

I hate to be the one to tell you, but people flee Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne because life as a city rat is so grim and grinding. Cairns still looks nice by comparison, but it is headed in the same direction. “Cairns One” epitomises our future under KB.

When I see the unaware and narrow lifestyle you promote, I am happy and proud to be a dreg beneath your notice. Out here in the real world, with carnality, love, and common decency. Still, it’s not hopeless. One day you may be able to get a life.

Anonymous said...

Bryan, population growth in Melbourne and Brisbane continues at an extensive rate, and Sydney is still Australia's fasted growing city. Stop letting the pesky facts get in the way of your dim witted feelings.

Being fond of hair yourself, it is understandable why you would defend val. But as you admitted, you are a dreg - and thus that would probably make the troll quite attractive to you.

Run along back to your cab now, Brian, and the trash of a life that somehow you have managed to convince yourself is appealing.

As for freebody - don't know him. I'm a far right wing neo-con that loves to watch lefty losers like you amount to nothing.

Anonymous said...

Anne Onya Mouse said: "I'm a far right wing neo-con that loves to watch lefty losers like you amount to nothing".

A life I suppose, but not much of a one. Kinda like watching paint dry.

Anonymous said...

What is this Onya Mouse's preoccupation with money and property and "being somebody"???
Is he Kev Byrne's shoe shine man?

Anonymous said...

We all enjoy different things: like in your case, worshipping hairy trolls, driving taxis, and most of all showing the public what becomes of the bottom feeding segment of society. I guess that your sad activism is a means to bring light into an otherwise no hoper life, and the fact you have admitted to being a dreg atleast confirms this.

Anonymous said...

Funny, another Dreg contributes to this nest of filth with a query concerning my pr-occupation with money, and yet at the top of this forum is a pathetic begging for funds by the clearly broke and possibly near destitute blog owner. I'm sure that this answers your question.

Anonymous said...

So writes Kev Byrnes's shoe shine man. A pathetic little bloke whose pretension to greatness is to kneel in the shadow of a large, fat gutted man.

Anonymous said...

As a visitor to Cairns from the US, I can't believe you folks still manage to let vermin like 'Onya Mouse' still get around. Sheeeyit, if rat poison don't work try shootin' the bastard. Hey, you guys still do tar 'n featherin' and lynchin' and book burnin'?

Anonymous said...

1. I could not give a f**k about KB, I just hate lefties. Agree that he is fat :)

2. The US is the greatest Country on Earth, run by the best administration in it's history. The greatest knowledge I have is that you, (obviously a hill billy) are ruled by us (the right wing).

3. Onya Mouse = ?? sorry, I do not speak f**ktard language.

Anonymous said...

Onya Mouse....CONGRATULATIONS, you have won a one-way ticket to the USA. You have also won American citizenship if you sign up for twelve months tour of duty in Anbar Province, Iraq. It would be the pleasure of the American President to award you a further twelve months or twenty-four months tour of duty following your initial prize of twelve months.

Upon your happy and excited arrival in the USA, you will be taken by the CIA to assist them in their water-boarding experiments.

If you survive ummm, as you were, AFTER the experiments, your
initerary includes a thrilling days duck shooting with Dick "dead eye" Cheney, the American Vice President.

Anonymous said...

I have stumbled accross this website accidentally but have to admit i have spent a couple of hours reading it. I am not sure what i was looking for but i am positive it wasnt found here.

It disturbs me to think that the authors of this site actually belive in what they are writing, for instance, yet the worst lie i have read here yet...

"Hi there and welcome to a blog that aims to entertain, inform and open debate on a myriad of issues"

At what point is this site an open debate? it is purely a written opinion of an absolute no-body which allows for people to comment on his views. As for entertainment, i dont think consistanly complaining about the publicly elected city council officials is entertaining at all.

Why dont you just use your ONE vote in the upcomming elections and do as we all do... vote for who you think could do a better job. I however will continue to vote for KB. Although i dont agree with all his decisions, had he made decisions the way i would prefer, there would be another person who wasnt happy with it. He is never going to please everyone and i commend him on being able to make the decisions he does with the flack he has to cop from people like the authors.

Note to author: Grow up and look outside your box...theres a big bad world out there and your never going to make everyone happy!