Thursday 25 October 2007

Lack of communication the norm

Just like the deceased doggy story, Trinity Beach residents are pissed at Cairns City Council for not engaging them prior to felling large Melaleuca trees alongside a creek near Keem Street and Strombus Avenue.

Council said they sent a letter to the locals in the area 2 months ago, however residents have not seen anything.

Council plan to remove "all vegetation in the area".

I have two suggestions for these aggrieved Trinity Beach residents: First, ring your Councillor and find out why he hasn't bought you into what's happening on his patch, under his watch. I think his name starts with Sno. His telephone number at home is 4055 3608 and mobile is 0412 653 413.

Secondly, campaign for a change of local government that will fully include you and your neighbours in decision that affect your lifestyle and community. You will have a chance to do this in 141 days time.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps those Trinity Beach residents who have rung Sno would care to share their experience of their phone conversations with the rest of the community.

Should be interesting.......

Anonymous said...

Re small section of concrete lining of drain at Trinity Beach.

The area being dealt with in the creek is restricted to some 70 – 80 metres north of Trinity Beach Road with no clearing or drain works north of this area.

There is a serious width restriction of flow directly north of the bridge which is undermining adjoining properties and causing flooding.

To overcome these problems vegetation for this small section of the drain has to be removed and a concrete lining put in place. Council will provide replacement landscaping.

New culverts and additional pipes under the roadway will increase water flow to overcome back-up to the south and the works have EPA approval.

According to Council records residents abutting the area received a detailed letter from Council in August advising of the work.

A gentleman who only moved in two weeks ago was understandably very concerned as the previous owner did not advise him of the pending work.

We are working closely with him to reinstate landscaping behind his property after the work is complete and he seems happy with the arrangement.

As a courtesy letters were delivered to surrounding homes not affected by the work and some mistakenly presumed the work was to take place behind their properties, which is not the case.

Further more comprehensive information has been provided to the surrounding homes with plans of the work and to clarify the fact they will not be impacted.

A dead black wattle tree north of the work site marked for removal has nothing to do with the concrete lining work.

It would be helpful if people making claims and political statements on these matters checked their facts first.


Cr Sno Bonneau

Anonymous said...

for gods sake sno when will you spreading mis-information (lies)...i cross checked your claims with the EPA again...the works you discuss do not require any sort of EPA approval...about time you had a good look at your council information sources methinks

Anonymous said...

maybe DPI approval?? there are permits posted at the site

Anonymous said...

Another "Snojob" by Councillor Bonneau (AKA, Charlie Browne?)

Anonymous said...

From the artfuldodger
It seems as though Sno is reading something and having the 'grace' to reply, which is more than he can do with phone calls or emails.
Sno, did it ever occur to you, or your other council cohorts that the development should not have encroached onto the creek bank as it has? Was the consultation of the same type that was afforded the residents of Clifton Beach over the boulder wall, so that another 'iffy' development (Lahinia) was saved? the list can go on, Clifton shops, Argentia, and the Clifton cottages development that in your own words Sno 'would never go ahead', what impact has this had on other residents in the area? Now we are seeing blocks of glencorp 'shitboxes' going up everywhere. The sad part is that on the run up to the next council elections how many more dubious developments will be applied for and passed by bluff and bluster byrne and his bunch of nodding donkeys, we will never know, the first we will know is ex years down the track when the development starts.

Anonymous said...

Dear Michael and the 'anonymous' writers.

I sent my original posting to clarify the misinformation being spread on this issue.

As I said in my original comments, it would help if those making claims checked their facts and it would help if they had the intestinal fortitude to say who they are.

One of your anonymous contributors wrote "i cross checked your claims with the EPA again...the works you discuss do not require any sort of EPA approval"

Please see below varios approvals granted for the Trinity Beach drainage works

EPA reference/permit number - IPDE00438106A11 - granted 08-AUG-2006 -
Assessment Manager reference number - 297864 Cairns City Council document number #1226380

EPA Certificate of Registration number:ENRE00584306 date of effect
25-AUG-2005 Cairns City Council document number #1237652

DNR Riverine Protection Permit - reference 400701 - date 29-11-2006 -
Cairns City Council document number #1349979

DPI Descision notice - operational works approval to build a temporary waterway barrier, DPI&F ID 06-00381 - file Number NFC/140/000(790) -
Approval No.2006CA0392, Plan No.2006CA8064WB0392 - date 4 September 2006 Cairns City Council document Number #1239649

Cr Sno Bonneau

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up for us Councillor Max Brown.

Anonymous said...

So it is really Councillor Max Brown is it?

Perhaps you might like to clear up your own little misrepsentation Sno.

Anonymous said...

Now that we are rid of the so-called Unity (read 'Liberal') crowd, we might get some sensible planning on the Northern Beaches.

How interesting, by the way, that some of the so-called 'Independents' were also Liberals in disguise. One of them campaigned for a local Liberal candidate in the Federal elections.

Moral: for future reference, if anyone stands as an 'Independent', voters should check their backgrounds thoroughly.