Thursday 25 October 2007

Last week's Poll results

I guess we should offer congratulations to Selwyn Johnston for taking out this week's poll.

It was a stirling effort by Selwyn's supporters, closely followed by Jim Turnour and a credible 3rd place for Charlie McKillop.

I hope our little bit of publicity assists in raising your profile Selwyn. As reward for 'winning' the poll, we will award you with a free 200-word column here on CairnsBlog. Drop us an email and we'll be happy to air reasons why we should vote for you.

What was surprising is that Ian Crossland only collected 1% of the votes in the poll. Must have been giving his preferences to someone else.

The sample this week was almost double of most of the Cairns Post poll, at 233 online votes. However, don't take this as scientific!


Anonymous said...

I am interest to know if you are a naturalised Australian citizen. I would also like to know why you have not mentioned that you worked for Telstra in your profile as you have previously claimed in the past. I would also be interested to read a transcript of your debate with Robert Muldoon.

Anonymous said...

Shouldnt Jim and Charlie get a chance with 100 words as second and third place ??