Saturday 20 October 2007

Charlie & Ian... and Jim

With 33 days to go till the polling booths open, Ian, Charlie and Jim are having fun, but not in a nice way.

The other day Ian Crossland said the Leichhardt patch wasn't fit for a girl ... a poke at McKillop. Too big and dirty he thinks for this school of hard knox grrrl.

CairnsBlog reckons he's a bit of a girl's blouse himself, for letting that one slip out of his peroxide head. Rumour has it, that Charlie is more of a man than he is anyday.

This banter comes on top of Charlie's fopah using her mobile phone (not in Malanda mind you) whilst driving her Proud Purple Patch. Charlie did tell me her baby has a name, which for the life of me I can't recall. I'll call it the Lucky Lavender Limo, for the sake of a good story.

And this week we learn that some eager beaver from her crafty campaign collection, was out at the crack of dawn, doing some dodgy stuff to Saint Jim's corflutes! Jim Turnour was so upset, he was going to deliver another speech, but instead said he'd report the incident to the police.

I mean, Charlie, you really need to rain in your Pit Balls. Although you're just ahead in the local polls, you also way ahead in antics that are hardly the colour of a Federal polly we expect in the sleepy north.

With all these political vans strategically decorating the streets over recent months, you could really mistake them for a wicky campervan. Back in August, I blogged about some of my favorite Wicked vans.

Then there's Ian's Greg Tree Frog van.

Of the balls up about Charlie, Ian told the Post that he's not a slick politician. Marks for being honest. "I’m Ian Crossland,” he said. “I made a mistake. But I’m not sexist.” Me thinks when in glasshouses....

Come the end of this campaign, Charlie, Jim and Ian should all donate their respective babies off to the lads at Wicked and have them outfitted for a tour around Australia by some German backpackers with bigger breasts than work opportunities.

By the way, we heard a rumour that Charlie does get around and was seen recently one Saturday afternoon, on the back of a ute.

Enuf said.


Anonymous said...

After 3 attemts just wanna see if anything will post at all?

And will post in my own name if the damn thing will just fucking work Michael?

Anonymous said...

For the record Mike, it's Basil Bus... Bas to his mates!! but 'lucky lavender limo' is not a bad effort.

Just like the candidate he is colourful, a bit of a larrakin with the best years ahead of him yet.

Anonymous said...

I like the name basil and he is cute, OK yeah I like purple, but where is basil, haven't seen him around