Tuesday 30 October 2007

Cr Freebody is not a lesbian

Whilst I'm tempted, this email from the esteemed Councillor Freebody really needs no introduction...

  • From: Paul Freebody
    Val Schier.candidate for Mayor
    Sent: Tuesday, October 30, 2007 12:02 PM
    Subject: RE: Jibe in Saturday's paper


    I see Robert Pyne has seen the light and got out of the Looney left.

    The comments about Amanda in your grubby little (kiwi fruit) web site have gone pass [sic] the acceptable level of politics and the rules in any political arena are we don’t touch or hurt / attack family members! You will now see what happens when you break the ethic rules. Even Jason has played by these rules.

    This is a low act and you have now put a fire in my belly which I have not had for some time!

    Bring it on Val because the gloves are off and I will not rest until I have destroyed you and your grubby little mates!

    I have in the pass [sic] shown you respect, however no more you have shown you are a low life and I will treat you as such from now on!

    Paul Freebody
    General Manager (Freebody Group)
    Email :
    Mb: 0418741160
    Wk: 0740534399
    Fax : 0740534299


Anonymous said...

Michael, I think that sometimes you go too far in making pronouncements without sufficient evidence.

On what possible basis do you conclude that paul Freebody is NOT a lesbian.

Paul gets very, very exercised about all matters sexual, and pokes his nose in wherever he can. I'd keep a more open mind if I were you.

Anonymous said...

Under normal circumstances, if a man claims the wife of another man is definitely not a lesbian - as a matter of certainty - one might consider a none-too-innocent explanation.

What's more, if I was the husband of the woman in question, I might well be a little concerned.

But would I threaten litigation, in the era of the internet?

It would seem to me a sure-fire way of becoming the butt of everyone's tasteless jokes, nationwide or worse.

Of course, if I was the man's lawyers, I might well take a different view. Yachts and second homes are so expensive to maintain.

But seriously, sexuality is a personal thing. I can't really understand why most people find speculation about other people's sexual proclivities so fascinating.

I'm much more interested in my own.

Just what is it about Condoleezza Rice I find so wicked?

Why do I fantasize about giving her a spanking?

Anonymous said...


Your comments (at least concerning me) are bordering on complimentary. Never mind, we all have bad days.

While I understand any allegation of homosexual activity would be a grave insult to a God fearing man such as yourself, I am sure the comments of MY Kiwi mate were 100% ‘tongue in cheek’ (as opposed to tongue in someone else’s cheek). Like the other comments they ere ‘unlikely scenarios’ like John Howard playing test cricket for Australia or Kevin Byrne being a man of great humility.

Perhaps I could add to that list of unlikely scenarios Val Shier respecting the opinion of those other than her or Jason O’Brien being tolerant and inclusive.


Rob Pyne.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, Councillor Freebody, I nearly choked on my Kornies reading your little tanty, particularly when I read the word Ethics. It seems that name calling is the culture. Why do you think I use "Troublemaker" as my non de plume? I and others who dare to speak out about community issues were so labeled by our Mayor and Councillor Bonneau on the radio and in the papers. I have also been called "one of those whingers" at Clifton Beach. I could have used that but I prefer to be a "Troublemaker". Weren't you bought up with "Sticks and Stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me". I am sure that Mike has had every sheep joke known to man and sheep thrown at him as well. Take it as was meant, a bit of humour.

Anonymous said...


this is the internet here. i lol in your general direction paul. lern to spel. and dont throw rocks, at all - your aim is way off.

that is all.

Anonymous said...

That's rich coming from you, Anon.

Maybe a bit of decent spelling and grammar would do you some good too.

That is all.

Anonymous said...


internet here again. i perpussly speld it rong. if u cant c that, i am taking your internet privelajes away.

that is all.

Anonymous said...

Wasn’t that outburst an educating glimpse of the councillor’s command of English and his lack maturity...? Who could possibly desire that this fool be trusted with local government decisions?

His 7 News appearance didn't improve his standing in any way.


Anonymous said...

Re Councillor’s Freebody’s email

If anyone in his electorate had any doubts about voting for this sychophantic creature, then this email should have cemented those concerns well and truly. Like some others in the Unity team and would be others such as Bonneau, they have it seems successfully graduated from the KB School of Arrogance and Intimidation, and Councillor Free-For-All has now publicly proven himself not to be a fit and proper person to hold office.

We must be the only Local Council in Australia that has Councillors including the Mayor who treats its residents with such disrespect and disdain. And to think that we have had to put up with this crap when we as ratepayers are paying their salaries. There needs to be some serious adjustment to this situation come voting time next March!

Anonymous said...

here here! Good Show old bean!

Although - with the territory change, I just hope he's running for my division!

Also - who's going to be taking the city now that Gill is stepping down? I heard plath might run... please no! She's Freebody's female mirror image! Nearly as many faux pas and foot-in-mouth moments as Ian crossland! Good to see he didn't mess things up today with the cheese. Although I think security were a bit worried with his proximity. Check the news.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, how about that Freebody? What a knob.....ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

ls Blakey going to take over in Margy Gills division when she departs ?

Anonymous said...

To last anonymous,
It is to be hoped Blakey does no take over Gills patch,he is a short fuse fellow,
and these people can never be relied upon in an emergency.